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Women's Health: 1978-2009

  • Creator:   Peggy Chinn
  • Updated:   8/22/2019
  • Contains:  68 items
ANS began publication at the height of the 2nd wave of feminism, and during a time of great change in women's rights and opportunities. This collection of articles reflects nursing perspectives on women's health issues that remain as timely today as they were when first published.

A Qualitative Analysis of the Meaning of Aging for Women With Disabilities With Policy Implications

Harrison, Tracie Culp

Advances in Nursing Science. 29(2):E1-E13, April-June 2006.

Bringing Safety and Responsiveness Into the Forefront of Care for Pregnant and Parenting Aboriginal People

Smith, Dawn; Edwards, Nancy; Varcoe, Colleen; More

Advances in Nursing Science. 29(2):E27-E44, April-June 2006.

Attitudes Toward Oral Contraceptive Use Among Women of Reproductive Age: A Systematic Review

Lee, Jongwon; Jezewski, Mary Ann

Advances in Nursing Science. 30(1):E85-E103, January-March 2007.

The Invisibility of Violence Against Women Diagnosed With Schizophrenia: A Synthesis of Perspectives

Rice, Elizabeth

Advances in Nursing Science. 31(2):E9-E21, April-June 2008.