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Concepts 1978 - 2009

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  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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ANS has a long tradition of publishing articles related to the development of concepts. Here is a collection of articles illustrating the progression of concept development in nursing

An Exploration of the Good Death

Kring, Daria L.

Advances in Nursing Science. 29(3):E12-E24, July-September 2006.

A Concept Analysis of the Phenomenon Interruption

Brixey, Juliana J.; Robinson, David J.; Johnson, Craig W.; More

Advances in Nursing Science. 30(1):E26-E42, January-March 2007.

State of the Science: Intuition in Nursing, a Generation of Studying the Phenomenon

Rew, Lynn; Barrow, Edward M. Jr

Advances in Nursing Science. 30(1):E15-E25, January-March 2007.