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Theory 1978-2009

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  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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Articles that address theory and knowledge development in the discipline.

A Stress-Coping Model

Diane, W. Scott; Marilyn, T. Oberst; Dropkin, Mary Jo

Advances in Nursing Science. 3(1):9-24, October 1980.

Mutual Moral Caring Actions: A Framework for Community Nursing Practice

Lange, Bernadette

Advances in Nursing Science. 29(2):E45-E55, April-June 2006.

A Model for Dealing With Sudden Death

Brysiewicz, P.; Uys, L. R.

Advances in Nursing Science. 29(3):E1-E11, July-September 2006.

Nursing Theory and Knowledge Development: A Descriptive Review of Doctoral Dissertations, 2000–2004

Spear, Hila J.

Advances in Nursing Science. 30(1):E1-E14, January-March 2007.

Theory of Integral Nursing

Dossey, Barbara Montgomery

Advances in Nursing Science. 31(1):E52-E73, January-March 2008.