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​The editorial review panel of Advances in Nursing Science (ANS) is a group of professional nurses and other health care professionals who are committed to the development of nursing as a discipline. Membership on the panel affords the individual the opportunity to participate in the evolution of ANS as a vital literature source for professional nurses and others in the health care professions.

Qualifications for Service

Individuals volunteer to serve for at least 2 years. The following qualifications are required:

  • An earned doctoral degree;
  • Continued competence in publishing original work that contributes to the development and application of nursing knowledge;
  • Continued research, theory development, and other activities contributing to the development and application of nursing knowledge;
  • Willingness to complete reviews within approximately 3 weeks of being invited;
  • Ability and willingness to use the ANS Editorial Manager Peer Review Web site;
  • Willingness to fulfill the responsibilities of the editorial review panel on a volunteer basis for a minimum of two years.


Individuals may volunteer for service on the editorial review panel by contacting the Editor, or the Editor may contact individuals who have been recommended for service to determine if they are willing to be considered for appointment. A "Willingness to Serve" form is completed by the prospective reviewer, including an indication of content and methodological areas of expertise.

View the list of members on the current Review Panel

Retirement of Appointment

Reviewers may retire from service at any time that they desire. After at least two years of service (usually longer), the Editor may request retirement of the reviewer's service in order to provide for rotation of review panel membership. This process is usually initiated in the spring or summer of each year, at which time new review panel members are invited to consider service, and several individuals who have served longer than two years are retired. Individuals may be re-appointed after a rest period, if they so desire.

Responsibilities of Editorial Review Panel Members

The primary function of the editorial review panel of ANS is to provide peer review and quality assurance for articles published in the journal. The review process is also intended to encourage scholarly presentation of creative, innovative and "cutting edge" ideas in nursing. Reviewers are requested to treat all manuscripts with due respect, offering constructive critique to assist the author and the Editor to achieve both quality and creativity, and to lay aside personal bias in the interest of promoting free expression of a wide diversity of ideas and viewpoints that can stimulate the evolution of nursing knowledge.

While the review process is primarily intended to monitor and promote scholarly quality and creativity in the articles published in the journal, the editorial commitment of ANS is also to assist prospective authors in the development of their manuscript for future publication, even if the manuscript is not judged as suitable for publication in ANS.

For general guidelines on preparing a good manuscript review, see "Good Peer Review" (PDF).

Editorial review panel membership responsibilities include:

  • Review and critique manuscripts submitted for publication using the criteria for review consistent with the ANS "Review Process​".
  • Provide constructive and respectful feedback to the author that is intended to guide further development of the work, regardless of the recommendation for publication.
  • Give a recommendation to the Editor concerning acceptance or rejection of the manuscript.
  • Return the completed review to the Editor by the date requested.
  • Ordinarily a reviewer is requested to review at least 4 manuscripts each year.

If you are willing to serve, submit your CV and research interests/topics ​to the editor at [email protected].