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Skin Rounds: A Quality Improvement Approach to Enhance Skin Care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Nist, Marliese Dion; Rodgers, Elizabeth A.; Ruth, Brenda M.; More

Advances in Neonatal Care. 16:S33-S41, October 2016.

Randomized Clinical Trial of 24% Oral Sucrose to Decrease Pain Associated With Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Insertion in Preterm and Term Newborns

Cook, Linda M.; Nichols-Dada, Jacinth; Damani, Samina; More

Advances in Neonatal Care. 17(1):E3-E11, February 2017.

Neonatal Resuscitation Program Rolling Refresher: Maintaining Chest Compression Proficiency Through the Use of Simulation-Based Education

Cepeda Brito, Jose R.; Hughes, Patrick G.; Firestone, Kimberly S.; More

Advances in Neonatal Care. 17(5):354-361, October 2017.

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