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Special Series: The Science and Evidence surrounding the Clinical Use of Human Milk in the NICU

Target Publication Dates: Fall 2019 Advances in Neonatal Care, 2019(5) and 2019(6)

Submission Dates: Immediately through February, 2019.

The use of human milk in the NICU is increasingly standard-of-care yet, are there ways we could  be enhancing the use of human milk to optimize infant outcomes? Are the current caregiving practices surrounding the use of human milk evidence-based? And, do all member of the caregiving team have the information they need to make the best decisions surrounding the use of human milk? This special series will address human milk use to best support high-risk infants. Clinical projects optimizing the use of human milk are welcome as well as manuscripts providing synthesis of evidence including: state of the science papers, systematic or integrative reviews, concept analyses, and reports of research using human milk.  ​

If interested in submitting a manuscript for this special series please submit the following items for consideration to the guest editor or co-editors by 1/01/2019:

  1. A working manuscript title
  2. Authors
  3. Short synopsis of your planned manuscript (3-4 sentences outlining content)
  4. Planned submission date (before 3/01/2019)


Submission of this information sooner rather than later will help us with planning the series.

Please submit your ideas or comments to:

Guest Editor: Dr. Leslie Parker, PhD, RN, FAAN

Or Co-Editors for Advances in Neonatal Care

Jacqueline McGrath

Debra Brandon

From the Editors for 2019(1) - ​

Welcome to 2019 and the first issue of Advances in Neonatal Care! In this issue a 6-manuscript special series addresses an issue central to the provision of neonatal nursing care: infant oral feeding. These six manuscripts cover a breadth of oral feeding topics from oral feeding safety, to milk flow rates from bottle nipples, to outcomes using infant driven feeding methods. An additional manuscript summarizes what constitutes feeding success using the strategy of a concept analysis. A qualitative study describes mothers’ emotions and insights regarding breastfeeding during the first year after the birth of their preterm birth. A final manuscript provides a systematic assessment of feeding outcomes with unimodal and multimodal sensorimotor interventions.
While the second special issues for 2019 is set (The Science and Evidence surrounding the Clinical Use of Human Milk in the NICU), we are exploring special foci for 2020. If you have any suggestions about topics you think are important for the journal to highlight please let us know.

Multisensory Intervention for Preterm Infants Improves Sucking Organization

An intervention to teach mothers of preterm infants how to interact with their babies more effectively results in better weight gain and growth for the infants. This Advances in Neonatal Care article shows that infants who receive this intervention grow better and also more rapidly develop the muscle control needed for successful feeding.

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