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Why Should You Review?

  1. Being a reviewer can benefit your career. Reviewing the work of others requires you to be more informed about the literature. Reading the reviews of others who reviewed the same manuscript after you have submitted your review can provide insight into issues you did not address in your review. 
  2. Over time, being a reviewer helps you to become a better writer. 
  3. ANC acknowledges the contributions of our peer reviewers annually by publishing their names in the last issue of the year.
  4. ANC's reviewers can receive continuing education credit for the time they spent reviewing a manuscript at no cost.

For additional information on why becoming an ANC reviewer could be right for you and what to expect from the review process, please consult our Reviewer Guidelines

If you'd like to become an ANC reviewer, please contact the editorial office at [email protected].

Helpful Links for Current Reviewers