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​Information for Authors

Writing Your Article

We hope you will consider submitting your work to Advances in Neonatal Care! This page contains several resources and pointers to help you as you prepare your manuscript and navigate the submission experience.

Before preparing your article, please be sure to read over our Instructions for Authors thoroughly and carefully. This document will provide guidance on how to structure your article as you begin writing as well as how to format your files when you're ready to submit. We also have written several editorials with tips, tricks, and recommendations in our Writing Resources Collection that we'd encourage you to peruse.

ANC also prefers our articles to adhere to several standard recommended guidelines, dependent on the type of article being written:

Manuscript Submission

When you're ready to submit your article, please do so by using our Editorial Manager submission site. If you haven't already done so, you'll need to register with the website to create an author profile before submitting your article. You'll be asked to upload your submission documents and fill out a few questions on article metadata as well as a Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA). Each co-author will also be asked to fill out a CTA form once the article is formally submitted, which will be sent to the email addresses provided in the online submission form.

If you have any questions about the submission process or get stuck on anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact our editorial office at [email protected] for further guidance.

Once your article is submitted, it will be reviewed to ensure that it has followed our formatting requirements and you may be asked to make a few tweaks before it's passed on to the editors for review. Please see our Overview of Journal Workflow diagram for further information on what to expect during the peer review process.

Language Editing Services

Wolters Kluwer, in partnership with Editage, offers a unique range of editorial services to help you prepare a submission-ready manuscript:

  • Premium Editing: Intensive language and structural editing of academic papers to increase chances of journal acceptance.
  • Advanced Editing: A complete language, grammar, and terminology check to give you a publication-ready manuscript.
  • Translation with Editing: Write your paper in your native language and Wolters Kluwer Author Services will translate it into English, as well as edit it to ensure that it meets international publication standards.
  • Plagiarism Check: Helps ensure that your manuscript contains no instances of unintentional plagiarism.
  • Artwork Preparation: Save precious time and effort by ensuring that your artwork is viewed favorably by the journal without you having to incur the additional cost of purchasing special graphics software.

For more information (including pricing), please visit Wolters Kluwer Author Services

Research Communication Services

Authors interested in increasing awareness of their research through video slides, infographics/visual abstracts, news summaries or a plain-language summary can order these directly through the Wolters Kluwer author site with Editage.Graphic and written summaries help readers easily digest your research.

Authors can order the service directly: Visit the website and click on services; on the drop-down menu, select research communication, which will deliver you to a menu page. Select your preferred service and click on Get quote now. Receive professional research support and broaden your reading audience.