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2012 Annual Conference, Specialist Designation, Award Nominations, and Product Spotlight

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New at the 28th Annual Educational Conference!



We listened to your feedback and are excited to share several improvements to the 2012 NANN conference.

NANN's 28th Annual Educational Conference planners have increased your time with the poster presenters, provided 3.5 more continuing nursing education contact hours, and changed the format of the in-depth symposiums. In lieu of in-depth sessions, NANN will offer 2-hour interprofessional sessions. Tentatively, these will spotlight the “Golden Hour,” “Necrotizing Enterocolitis,” “Feeding,” “Genetics and Ethics,” and “Family-Centered Care.” Each session will include up to 3 different professionals explaining how they handle and work in each situation. For example, these panels might consist of a staff or advanced practice neonatal nurse, social worker, physical therapist, and/or physician.

Visit for more information about the meeting.

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Developmental Care Specialist Designation



NANN recognizes the importance of developmental care to optimal patient care. This recognition has led to the creation of a developmental care initiative aimed at providing the neonatal community with several educational and professional developmental tools. The Neonatal Developmental Care Specialist designation is 1 of these.

The Specialist designation offers clinicians with developmental care experience an opportunity to apply and assess their knowledge through the completion of a 100-item test. The test includes both cognitive assessment questions and scenario-based cases. See what a recent recipient of the Neonatal Developmental Care Specialist designation had to say about her experience:

What motivated you to pursue the Developmental Care Specialist designation?

I was motivated to pursue the Developmental Care Specialist designation to promote developmental care on the unit in which I work. I would like to start a developmental care team and felt that obtaining the designation would be the first step. I am encouraging others on our unit to pursue the designation.

How did you prepare for the examination (textbook, continuing nursing education modules, self-assessment test, or other) and what recommendations would you offer to others who are considering obtaining the designation?

I did a couple of the online CEU modules as well as the self-assessment, but I thought the new Developmental Care book best helped me prepare for the examination.

What factors influenced what study tools you chose?

I purchased the book as a study tool because I like having it as a resource.

Katherine Long, PT C/NDT

To learn more about the Neonatal Developmental Care Specialist designation and to purchase study tools, visit

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Nominations for NANN Awards Due May 1, 2012

Each year, NANN and NANNP recognize deserving individuals for their dedication to neonatal nursing and for their extraordinary contributions to the neonatal nursing field. Be sure to recognize your colleagues for their talent and dedication to neonatal nursing.

Nominations can be made for the following awards:

  • Robyn Main Excellence in Clinical Practice Award
  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) Excellence Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Navigator Award
  • Chapter of the Year Award
  • Individual Chapter Project Awards (Communications, Community Service, Educational Offerings, Fundraising Efforts, and Membership Recruitment and Retention)

The Robyn Main Excellence in Clinical Practice Award recognizes and encourages excellence in those neonatal nurses responsible for providing direct patient care. A nominee should be a NANN member, provide direct patient care as a staff nurse, and demonstrate consistent excellence in care involving difficult or unique patient, family, or staff situations.

The NNP Excellence Award honors outstanding contributions by a NNP to the field of neonatal nursing through exemplary practice, leadership, service, and education. A nominee must be a NANNP member who is actively practicing as an NNP and must demonstrate excellence in the practice and art of advanced neonatal nursing.

The Leadership Award recognizes a neonatal nurse who exhibits superior leadership skills. The nominee should be a NANN member, exhibit superior leadership qualities in a neonatal nursing role, and demonstrate consistent excellence in practice.

The Navigator Award recognizes a NANN member who consistently demonstrates the power of mentoring as a force for decreasing turnover rates, fostering camaraderie, and contributing to the positive growth and development of new nurses in the specialty of neonatal nursing. Nominees should be NANN members, perform in a mentoring role (eg, as NNP, clinical nurse specialist, nurse manager, educator, or preceptor for a staff nurse), and demonstrate consistent excellence in practice.

The Chapter of the Year Award acknowledges the accomplishments and contributions of chapters. Applicants must be chartered NANN chapters in good standing. Chapters submit information in 5 areas: chapter communications, community service, educational offerings, fund-raising efforts, and membership recruitment and retention. Chapter of the Year applicants will also be considered for Individual Project Awards in each of these areas. Chapters may also submit applications in 1 or more of these areas to be eligible for an individual project.



Award nomination applications may be downloaded from and must be submitted by May 1, 2012.

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Product Spotlight

Developmental Care Wins 2011 AJN Book of the Year Award

NANN's Developmental Care of Newborns and Infants: A Guide for Health Professionals, 2nd edition, was awarded second place in the 2011 Book of the Year Award in the category of Maternal and Child Health by the American Journal of Nursing. The book, edited by Carole Kenner, PhD, RNC-NIC, FAAN, and Jacqueline M. McGrath, PhD, RN, FNAP, FAAN, offers evidence-based guidelines for interdisciplinary and developmentally supportive caregiving for infants and their families, beginning with contemplation of the birth and continuing through the delivery room and neonatal intensive care unit experiences, the transition to home, and the time following discharge. Congratulations to all of the editors and authors involved in this important publication.



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Essentials of Neonatal Nursing Offers New Training Option

Learn or train new neonatal nurses on the fundamentals of working in a neonatal intensive care unit with the Essentials of Neonatal Nursing: Orientation Lecture Series, an all-inclusive orientation to neonatal care. Available as downloadable modules, continuing nursing education (CNE) is now right at your fingertips.

The 10-module series provides a comprehensive orientation to neonatal nursing care, helping new nurses identify basic elements of the neonatal intensive care unit's patient's physiology and pathophysiology and apply necessary nursing interventions. Each presentation is eligible for 0.75 to 1.25 continuing nursing education contact hours; the complete series of 10 modules provides 13 CNE contact hours. The modules cover the following topics: cardiac issues, gastrointestinal issues, genitourinary issues, hematologic issues, issues in immunology and infection, maternal-fetal issues, neurologic issues, newborn assessment, nutritional and metabolic issues, and pulmonary issues.

Visit to learn more or to purchase Developmental Care or modules in the Essentials series.

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