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Determinants of Dropout from and Variation in Adherence to an Exercise Intervention: The STRRIDE Randomized Trials

Collins, Katherine A.; Huffman, Kim M.; Wolever, Ruth Q.; More

Translational Journal of the ACSM. 7(1):e000190, Winter 2022.

The Role of Sport, Exercise, and Physical Activity in Closing the Life Expectancy Gap for People with Mental Illness: An International Consensus Statement by Exercise and Sports Science Australia, American College of Sports Medicine, British Association of Sport and Exercise Science, and Sport and Exercise Science New Zealand

Rosenbaum, Simon; Hobson-Powell, Anita; Davison, Kade; More

Translational Journal of the ACSM. 3(10):72-73, May 15, 2018.

Appetitive and Metabolic Responses to an Exercise versus Dietary Intervention in Adults with Obesity

Purcell, Sarah A.; Legget, Kristina T.; Halliday, Tanya M.; More

Translational Journal of the ACSM. 7(4):e000211, Fall 2022.

A 2-yr Biomechanically Informed ACL Injury Prevention Training Intervention in Female Field Hockey Players

Weir, Gillian; Alderson, Jacqueline A.; Elliott, Bruce C.; More

Translational Journal of the ACSM. 4(19):206-214, October 1, 2019.

Active Smarter Teachers: Primary School Teachers’ Perceptions and Maintenance of a School-Based Physical Activity Intervention

Lerum, Øystein; Bartholomew, John; McKay, Heather; More

Translational Journal of the ACSM. 4(17):141-147, September 1, 2019.

Examining the Effect of a 1-yr Lifestyle Intervention on Cardiometabolic and Inflammatory Biomarkers in Youth with Overweight or Obesity: A Pilot Study

Moore, Justin B.; Benítez-Porres, Javier; Skelton, Joseph A.; More

Translational Journal of the ACSM. 6(2):e000153, Spring 2021.

Strategic Priorities for Physical Activity Surveillance in the United States

Fulton, Janet E.; Carlson, Susan A.; Ainsworth, Barbara E.; More

Translational Journal of the ACSM. 1(13):111-123, October 1, 2016.