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I am pleased to introduce our Summer 2023 compendium of the Translational Journal of The American College of Sports Medicine (TJACSM). TJACSM uses a continuous publication approach. As such, this group of articles appeared online prior to being published in this collection. Moreover, we continue to offer continuous publishing without publication fees. This allows TJACSM to provide a level of access without fees to authors that is unique in the field. I hope that you will consider TJACSM as the outlet of choice for your translational research.

While TJACSM publishes articles across the range of translational, activity outcomes, our 2023 Summer compendium is particularly focused on clinical outcomes. Our highlighted paper, with an accompanying infographic, shares data from an important pilot study on addressing HBA1c in older Black and Hispanic participants. Other studies center on osteoporosis and a follow-up to the STRRIDE study, where participants had dyslipidemia or pre-diabetes. Each of these papers showcases the efforts of TJACSM to provide meaningful translational research on clinical outcomes. Moreover, I would like to highlight the commentary by Sherrington and colleagues which lays out a framework to better classify physical activity interventions for use with older adults. This framework would guide future trials and help to ensure that subsequent scoping reviews have sufficient information for analysis. Finally, it is clear that the pandemic has had a lasting impact on behavior as many people have chosen to consistently wear masks. The impact of masks on exercise continues to be of great interest and is explored in work by Visich and colleagues.

As always, we continue to publish work that drives translational research, and we thank our authors for their contributions and entrusting TJACSM as the outlet of choice for their scholarship!

John B. Bartholomew, PhD, FACSM