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December 15, 2018 - Volume 3 - Issue 24

  • Joseph E. Donnelly, EdD, FACSM
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Health care providers have frequently been identified as personnel who are in position to provide information and motivation for their patients regarding physical activity. Many if not most individuals see their health care providers annually or more frequently and this is a potential point of contact. However, health care providers do not always discuss physical activity citing time constraints, lack of their own training regarding appropriate physical activity, and uncertainty of patient interest. The health care provider may also have their own perceptions regarding the benefits of physical activity and health and these perceptions, including their own participation in physical activity, may influence discussions with patients. Das and colleagues have investigated health care providers physical activity using accelerometry and questionnaires and subsequently determined if there were associations with physical activity counseling, they provided their patients. Interestingly, although the activity levels of the health care providers was high, knowledge of physical activity recommendations was low. Education for health care providers regarding guidelines are suggested and would fit well with the ACSM Exercise is Medicine campaign. 

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Joseph E. Donnelly, EdD, FACSM