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I am pleased to introduce our Spring 2022 compendium of the Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine (TJACSM). TJACSM uses a continuous publication approach. As such, this group of articles appeared online prior to being published in this collection. Moreover, we continue to offer continuous publishing without publication fees, allowing TJACSM to provide a level of access without fees to authors that is unique in the field. I hope that you will consider TJACSM as the outlet of choice for your translational research.

As always, TJACSM is interested in publishing work across the spectrum of the translational process and a variety of populations. In this compendium, you will find articles related to concussion in sports car racing drivers and in college athletes. There are articles assessing early evidence of chronic disease — hypertension and metabolic syndrome — in young adults, along with intervention work in those with chronic low back pain and challenges for Exercise is Medicine when applied to underserved and vulnerable populations. These and our other articles demonstrate the breadth of translational science across our fields and, as always, we thank our authors for their contributions and entrusting TJACSM as the outlet for their research!​

John B. Bartholomew, PhD, FACSM

Hypertension in Healthy College Students: The Hypertension in Young Adults (HiYA) Study

Ferguson-Stegall, Lisa; Shanley, Brenden J.; Huch, Alyssa D.; More

Translational Journal of the ACSM. 7(2):1-6, Spring 2022.