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October 15, 2018 - Volume 3 - Issue 20

  • Joseph E. Donnelly, EdD, FACSM
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The American College of Sports Medicine supports a major initiative “Exercise is Medicine,” including “Exercise is Medicine- on Campus,” (EIM-OC) to address the issue of young adult inactivity on college and university campuses. Young adulthood is a time of declining physical activity that likely persists with aging. EIM-OC uses a team of individuals to promote physical activity through various means such as providing pertinent information and organizing clubs and events, hosting research meetings, soliciting support from administration, etc. Although EIM-OC is well intended, like all programs it is important to evaluate if it indeed is implemented adequately and provides intended outcomes. Bopp and colleagues have surveyed Existing EIM-OC institutions to determine the extent of implementation and potential impact. Items include institution characteristics, awareness, social media, activities, integration with campus health care systems, partner relationships, and others. Thus, this study offers a view to the extent the EIM-OC program has been implemented and the types of activities being offered. It should provide guidance to institutions who are considering the incorporation of EIM-OC regarding the areas of greatest success as well as likely barriers and challenges.

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Joseph E. Donnelly, EdD, FACSM