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I am pleased to introduce our Fall 2022 compendium of the Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine (TJACSM). TJACSM uses a continuous publication approach. As such, this group of articles appeared online prior to being published in this collection: Moreover, we continue to offer continuous publishing without publication fees. This allows TJACSM to provide a level of access without fees to authors that is unique in the field. I hope that you will consider TJACSM as the outlet of choice for your translational research.

TJACSM continues to support research across the spectrum of the translational process and a variety of populations. This compendium is a particularly good example of this approach. In it, you will find feasibility studies on methods to assess screen time in children and group-based exercise classes for breast cancer survivors. You will find work on implementation science in oncology settings and original research on neuromuscular training in youth. You will find research in home, work, clinical, and school settings. You will find a systematic review of movement trackers and an assessment of perceived benefits and barriers to exercise for LGBTQ+ college students (including an infographic). The breadth of this work illustrates the impact of translational science and why we are excited to support this research. As always, we thank our authors for their contributions and entrusting TJACSM as the outlet for their research!​​

John B. Bartholomew, PhD, FACSM

Appetitive and Metabolic Responses to an Exercise versus Dietary Intervention in Adults with Obesity

Purcell, Sarah A.; Legget, Kristina T.; Halliday, Tanya M.; More

Translational Journal of the ACSM. 7(4):e000211, Fall 2022.