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Effect of LifewaveTM Patches on Fat Metabolism in Moderately Active Women


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Witt, John; Wooten, Joshua; DiMarco, Nancy

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: May 2008 - Volume 40 - Issue 5 - p S327
doi: 10.1249/01.mss.0000323309.40118.a9
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The cell membrane has a charged electric field that regulates the influx and efflux of metabolically active ions. It is theorized that the cell membrane's magnetic field may become imbalanced, altering the flow of ions and shifting the cell's metabolic state from primarily fat metabolism to carbohydrate metabolism. Lifewave ™ patches are purported to restore the body's magnetic field during exercise, and shifting energy usage back to fat metabolism.

PURPOSE: To determine the effects of wearing Lifewave ™ patches on body mass (BM), percent body fat (%BF), VO2peak, and mean exercise respiratory exchange ratio (RER) over a 2-week period.

METHODS: Moderately active, non-smoking, not pregnant or post-partum women (n=17; age=31.2±13.0 yrs, Ht=160.9±5.0 cm, Wt=68.5±11.8 kg, BMI=26.5±4. kg·m-2) were randomly assigned to an active or placebo group (double blind). The first trial involved the measurement of BM, %BF, and VO2peak. Approximately 5-10 minutes after the VO2peak test, participants exercised at 60-70% of VO2peak for 20 minutes to measure mean exercise RER. For 2 weeks, participants wore one set of patches in different locations (wrists, shoulders, knees, ankles) every other day, and recorded daily food intake and daily exercise performed. After 2 weeks, BM, %BF, VO2peak, and mean exercise RER were reassessed. A 2 × 2 (group × time) ANOVA with repeated measures was performed to determine significant differences between groups and responses over time. The criterion reference for significance was set at a p<0.05.

RESULTS: There was no significant interaction or any main effect for group or time variables (p>0.05).

CONCLUSION: These data suggest that Lifewave ™ patches did not improve BM, %BF, VO2peak, or fat utilization during submaximal exercise in moderately active women.

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