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Effects Of Acute Golden Root Extract (rhodiola Rosea) Supplementation On Anaerobic Exercise Capacity

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Ballmann, Christopher G.; Maze, Shelby; Wells, Abby; Marshall, Mallory; Petrella, John FACSM; Rogers, Rebecca

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: May 2018 - Volume 50 - Issue 5S - p 721
doi: 10.1249/01.mss.0000538375.55554.ab
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PURPOSE: : The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of acute golden root extract (GRE) supplementation on repeated Wingate exercise performance.

METHODS: College aged female participants (age =19.0 yrs ± 0.63, height= 66.3 in ± 1.8, weight= 152.8 lbs ± 19.9) were recruited for this study. In a within groups counterbalanced study design, participants were supplemented with either 1,500 mg/day of GRE or placebo (gluten-free cornstarch) for 3 days. Participants also took an additional 500 mg dose of corresponding treatment 30 minutes prior to testing of each trial. During each exercise trial, participants completed 3x 15 second Wingate cycle tests separated by 2 minute recovery periods. Each exercise trial was separated by a 1 week washout period.

RESULTS: Over the 3x 15 second Wingate cycle tests, mean watts (p= 0.01), mean anaerobic capacity (p=0.025), and total work (p=0.018) were higher in the GRE treatment trial versus placebo. However, mean anaerobic power (p= 0.185), mean peak watts (p= 0.078), and fatigue index (p= 0.186) were unaffected regardless of treatment.

CONCLUSIONS: This study suggests that acute GRE supplementation improves repeated Wingate performance suggesting a role for GRE as an ergogenic aid.

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