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The Effects Of Cissus Quadrangularis On Body Composition And Blood Lipids

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Noreen, Eric E.; Pietrolongo, Cara E.; Gilmore, David S.

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: May 2017 - Volume 49 - Issue 5S - p 932
doi: 10.1249/01.mss.0000519535.06080.ed
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PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of 6 wks of supplementation with Cissus Quadrangularis (CQ) on body composition and blood lipids in healthy college aged adults.

METHODS: A total of 27 healthy college aged adults (13 males, 14 females, 21.0+0.6 y; mean+SD) completed this study. All testing was done first thing in the morning following an overnight fast. Baseline body composition was assessed by whole body densitometry using air displacement plethysmogrophy, and blood lipids and glucose were assessed using whole blood obtained via finger puncture. Following baseline testing, subjects were randomly assigned in a double blind manner into one of two groups: 3.2 g/d of CQ; or 3.2 g/d of a maltodextrin placebo (PL). Subjects consumed half of the daily dose in the morning and half in the evening on an empty stomach. All testing was repeated following 6 wks of treatment. Pre to post differences were analyzed using a treatment by time repeated measures ANOVA.

RESULTS: Compared to the PL group, there was a significant increase in fat free mass following treatment with CQ (CQ= 0.3+1.2 kg, PL= -0.6+0.9 kg, p=0.03), a significant decrease in fat mass (CQ= -0.7+1.2 kg, PL= 0.8+1.4 kg, p=0.005), a significant decrease in body fat percentage (CQ= -0.7+1.4 % body fat, PL= 1.1+1.8 % body fat, p=0.006), and a significant increase in HDL (CQ= 0.01+0.18 mmol/L, PL= -0.20+0.2 mmol/L, p=0.009). No significant differences were observed for body mass (CQ= -0.4+1.2 kg, PL= 0.0+1.5 kg, p=0.41), total cholesterol (CQ= -0.11+0.42 mmol/L, PL= -0.23+0.29 mmol/L, p=0.39), LDL (CQ= -0.12+0.39 mmol/L, PL= -0.08+0.35 mmol/L, p=0.93), glucose (CQ= -0.06+0.46 mmol/L, PL= 0.14+0.45 mmol/L, p=0.28) or triglycerides (CQ= -0.09+0.61 mmol/L, PL= 0.22+0.30 mmol/L, p=0.10).

CONCLUSION: 6wk of supplementation with CQ prevented the drop in HDL that was seen in the PL group, with no other changes observed for blood lipids or glucose. CQ significantly increased lean mass and decreased fat mass, resulting in a significant decrease in body fat percentage.

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