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Theoretical Approach To Understand The Influence Of Economic Resources In Physical Activity. A Review

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Montenegro, Monica; Rojas, Diana Alexandra Camargo

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: May 2016 - Volume 48 - Issue 5S - p 779
doi: 10.1249/01.mss.0000487339.70496.e0
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Physical activity (PA) is defined as a polysomic concept. There are some external context factors which affect the imaginary that the subjects establish around it, implying the adoption of definitions and specific practices. This qualitative study pretends to analyze the influence of the economic resources in the social reproduction of the concepts and the PA practices from the determinant models and social determination. In order to understand the physical activity concept as a polysomic conception, with a perspective from the health social determinants theory and the social determination theory, it was necessary to obtain a more comprehensive and integrated approach, for that, it was essential to make a compendium and analysis of concepts and practices that have been developed PA over the past 10 years in the academic literature. Search 10,239 references in PubMed was obtained with certain equations, of which 2695 were selected with the first inclusion criterion: Full text last 10 years, in humans, English, Portuguese or Spanish language. The 2695 titles and abstracts were reviewed the defined criteria. By reading summaries 1324 items that did not meet the inclusion criteria or were studies that did not contribute to the objective of the study were excluded. “Income”, “possessions”, “wages”, “wealth” or “material goods”: After the analysis method and detecting the items to be included within the unit of analysis “economic factors” category was revised. Total 363 this filter more studies were excluded. Finally, two assessors reviewed 71 papers independently in accordance with defined criteria and evaluation template CASPE for quasi-experimental study and the qualitative and cross STROBE template for documents, including 23 articles for the revision was applied.The results of the research showed a trend of PA concept from a biological dimension and “economic resource” is analyzed mainly from a reductionist point of view. The relationship between physical activity and economic resources are clearly established, however, the orientation of relationships changes with the theoretical perspective of the author. Most of the documents reviewed are based on the model of determinants, nevertheless, it is starting to show how some elements of the social determination appear in the articles.

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