Predicting Vo2max From A 6-minute Stairs Climbing And Descending Test (6MSCDT): 355 Board #192 June 1, 11: 00 AM - 12: 30 PM : Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

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Predicting Vo2max From A 6-minute Stairs Climbing And Descending Test (6MSCDT)

355 Board #192 June 1, 11

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Guo, Hui; Wang, Zhong; Zhang, Yimin

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 48(5S):p 93, May 2016. | DOI: 10.1249/01.mss.0000485286.15146.a7
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PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to develop a submaximal field test to estimate VO2max.

METHOD:Firstly, 201 participants (males=103, females=98 ;20-49 years old) performed 6MSCDT as fast as possible, taking one single step one time, up and down, on a staircase consisting of 2 flights (totally 22 steps, each step of 16 cm in height, 3.52 m total height). The number of steps was calculated. Heart rate was monitored by telemetry, and oxygen uptake was measured by a portable spirometry. After one week, VO2max(L/min)was measured through the graded exercise testing (GXT) using the same portable spirometry according to the Bruce protocol on treadmill. Correlation analyses were used to examine the associations between the 6MSCDT variables and VO2max. Stepwise regression was used to build a model for the relationship between VO2max and a variety of predictor variables.

RESULT: There was a high-positive correlation(r=0.912,p<0.01) between Peak oxygen uptake of 6MSCDT and the VO2max of GXT. There was a high-positive correlation(r=0.777,p<0.01)between Peak oxygen uptake and steps in 6MSCDT.There was a positive correlation(r=0.561,p<0.01)between steps of 6MSCDT and the VO2max of GXT. The new equation is followed:

VO2max(L/min)= -1.572+0.002×Steps+0.512×Gender+0.04×Body Mass (kg)


R= 0.88,R2= 0.775, adjusted R2= 0.764,SEE= 0.425(L/min)

CONCLUSION: The equation predicting VO2max developed in this study provides a means of assessing VO2max .The 6MSCDT can be used to predict VO2max and become a method of evaluation of CRF.

Supported by a grant from National R & D Program, Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2012BAK21B01)

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