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Statistics in Kinesiology, 4th Edition

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: June 2013 - Volume 45 - Issue 6 - p 1221
doi: 10.1249/01.mss.0000429500.24087.13
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This is an update of an introductory book on statistics primarily for students in an exercise science curriculum. The previous edition was published in 2005.


The authors emphasize the practical use of statistics as a tool to help those in the movement sciences analyze data. They meet their objectives, creating an easy to read, relevant book on statistics for the intended audience.


Written for students in movement science, the book targets physical educators, coaches, biomechanists, sports psychologists, exercise physiologists, athletic trainers, and physical therapists. Many of the statistical examples are specific to topics common to physical education and exercise science. The authors have been teaching statistics for several years.


The first few chapters cover topics such as measurement and organization of data, and measures of central tendency and variability, and discuss interpretation of Z scores and standard scores in relation to the normal curve. Subsequent chapters on the basics of statistical inference and hypothesis testing are well written and easy to understand. Parametric and nonparametric statistics are covered in well-organized detail. Topic additions to the fourth edition include effect sizes and confidence intervals as well clinical measures of association (relative risk and odds ratios). The writing is clear and chapters are well organized. Summaries, problems, and a listing of key words end each chapter. Solutions to the problems appear in an appendix. The high-quality figures aid understanding. The book covers statistical theories in enough detail so readers can appreciate their relevance, but this does not overshadow its emphasis on application.


This is an excellent book for those who desire to know more about the practical aspects of statistics in exercise science and allied health professions. The information is introductory and very practical, which makes the book easy to read and enhances comprehension. The fourth edition adds new topics and a new author (Dr. Weir). I highly recommend this book for those in the health professions who seek to understand statistics, but do not want to be overwhelmed by theories and mathematical jargon.

RATING: ★★★★

Reviewed by:Christopher Hughes, PT PhD, OCS, CSCS (Slippery Rock University)

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