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Beating Drug Testing and Defending Positive Results: A Toxicologist's Perspective

Ng, Valerie PhD, MD

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: November 2010 - Volume 42 - Issue 11 - p 2148
doi: 10.1249/01.MSS.0000390213.75494.71

(Alameda County Medical Center, Highland Hospital, Oakland, CA)

ISBN: 978-1-60761-526-2. Edition: 1st. Author: Amitava Dasgupta, PhD. Specialties: Laboratory Technology, Laboratory Medicine, Toxicology. Publisher: Humana Press Inc. List Price: $199.00.

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This book covers all major issues concerning ways that people try to beat drug tests and defend positive test results. It focuses on urine adulterants and common but invalid defenses that are used when illicit substances are detected.

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To describe the major issues and problems encountered in drug testing.

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Toxicologists, medical laboratory scientists, pathologists, and human resources professionals.

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This is a deceptively small book (i.e., only 152 pages and 0.5 inch thick), yet it is packed with useful information. It begins with an overview of drug testing, moves to pharmacology of commonly abused illicit drugs and workplace drug testing, and then presents chapters on adulterants, three chapters on common but invalid excuses for positive illicit drug detection, and finally a chapter on true-positive drug detection due to prescription drug use. In each chapter, extensive references are cited so that readers can access additional information on topics that interest them. These references are sufficient, current, and pertinent.

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Chapters are written in an accessible style. I was especially intrigued by the chapter about household chemicals and Internet-based products designed to beat urine drug tests. I recommend this text for anyone involved in or interested in workplace drug testing. Dr. Amitava Dasgupta is involved with the pre-employment drug testing at his own hospital, and he aptly shares his expertise as an internationally preeminent toxicologist.

RATING: ★★★★

Reviewed by:

Valerie Ng, PhD, MD

(Alameda County Medical Center,

Highland Hospital, Oakland, CA)

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