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D-60 Thematic Poster - Nutrition and the Endurance Athlete: JUNE 3, 2010 3: 15 PM - 5: 15 PM: ROOM: 330

Outcomes Of Using Decision Trees With Amenorrheic Cross-country Skiers


Board #5 3:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Parker-Simmons, Susie E.

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: May 2010 - Volume 42 - Issue 5 - p 171-172
doi: 10.1249/01.MSS.0000385585.36925.5f
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PURPOSE: This thematic poster will highlight the United States Olympic Committee Female Athlete Triad Decision Trees that assisted in the identification, treatment and management of the National female Cross-Country skiers.

METHODS: With selection onto the National team, the female cross country skiers (n = 5; mean age 20 years) underwent a medical screen which identified three of the five female athletes at-risk of having the female athlete triad. Using the decision trees further screening occurred which included: energy intake vs. expenditure; micronutrient status; menstrual history; and bone mineral density.

RESULTS: The initial tests highlighted:


During three years of intervention each athlete put on 8 - 21 lb of body weight which consisted of an increase of both body fat and lean mass; menstruated naturally and had a stable bone mineral density.

CONCLUSIONS: Designing Female Athlete Decision trees for your National Olympic Committee not only assists you in 1) screening all Olympic athletes for the TRIADS; 2) establish a referral system and treatment protocol for early intervention; and 3) organize prevention schemes beginning at youth sports and carrying through the elite level.

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