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Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness After Eccentric Exercise


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Uchimaru, Jin; Li, Song; Takemura, Hidekazu; Takahashi, Hirohiko; Suzuki, Shozo; Sato, Tasuku

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: May 2010 - Volume 42 - Issue 5 - p 380
doi: 10.1249/01.MSS.0000384690.96565.c1
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Oxygen naturally plays a crucial role in recovery from injury and physiological fatigue. Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) treatment is therefore expected to improve recovery from injury and fatigue. In previous studies, positive results have also been reported regarding tissue remodeling after injury, with injuries involving bones, muscles and ligaments showing improved recovery. Furthermore, HBO treatment has effectively increased recovery from fatigue. However, it is not clear that HBO treatment has effectively improved to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise or training in practice.

PURPOSE: To examine that the effect of HBO treatment on the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) induced by eccentric exercise.

METHODS: College-age 6 male subjects were participated in this study approved by the Human Ethics Committee of Sendai University in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki. They were completed to both HBO treatment trial (H trial; 1.3 atmospheric absolute pressures, 28% O2) and normobaric normoxia trial (C trial) for 9 days with a space as a wash out period of three month between H and C trials. In H trial, subjects stayed for 1 hour a day over 5 days. All subjects were undergone to eccentric exercise (15 times repetition × 5 sets) before each trial. Before, right after, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 day, we measured on isometric strength, serum creatine kinase (CK) activity, an pressure pain, range of motion (ROM) on arm, arm-circumference and VAS with related to DOMS.

RESULTS: We could not find any significantly difference parameters between H and C trial. However, all parameters as DOMS of H trial were tendency to better and recover than that of C trial. Change of CK of H trial (Before; 129±56 lu/L, 1 day; 613±899 lu/L, 3 day; 2231±2235 lu/L, 6 day; 855±471 lu/L) tendency to increase recovery compare with C trial (Before; 95±34 lu/L, 1 day; 1741±3151 lu/L, 3 day; 6370±8628 lu/L, 6 day; 2433±3118 lu/L).

CONCLUSIONS: It was suggested that HBO treatment would be effective to recover of DOMS after intensity exercise with eccentric exercise.

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