Does Jump Power Associated With Cross Section Area In Female Volleyball Players ?: 1457: Board #220: May 30 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM : Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

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Does Jump Power Associated With Cross Section Area In Female Volleyball Players ?


Board #220 May 30 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Andrade, Rodrigo M.; Gagliardi, João F.L.; P.D.M. Kiss, Maria Augusta

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 39(5):p S216-S217, May 2007. | DOI: 10.1249/01.mss.0000273816.42730.d7
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The cross section area (CSA) seems to be associated the muscular power (HARMAN, FRYKMAN and KREAMER, 1986), important capacity to volleyball to get better heights in jump (HJ).

PURPOSE: To determine the relationship between the jump power (JP), CSA and HJ.

METHODS: 9 female volleyball athletes volunteers were evaluated (18±1 years; 7±2 years of practical), that trained 4 days per week, 3 hours per day (77.20±10.50 kg, 181.90±7.60 cm and 26.20±6.10% of fatness). The determination of the CSA was use equation praised for KNAPIK, STAAB and HARMAN (1996). It assumes that the circumferences are circular and concentric distribution. Vertical Power Jump (JOHNSON and NELSON, 1974) was used to obtained JP and HJ. JP was estimated by the equation of SAYERS, HARACKIEWICZ, HARMAN, FRYKMAN and ROSENSTEIN (1999). HJ was considered the maximum height reached between the ground and the jump. To analysis of association was used Pearson's correlation (*p<0.05).

RESULTS: The correlation values to CSA, JP (3315.20±404.54 watts) and HJ (257.22 ± 34.95 cm) are showed below.

CSA (cm2)

The correlation showed significant association only between thigh's CSA and JP. Seem that this association is probably, because of the thigh to have high number of fast twitch muscle fibers, that could be contribution to more force, and as a result, high power. On the other hand, no significant association was found between HJ and JP (.23), likes HJ and CSA.

CONCLUSION: The authors conclude that the JP could be associated with CSA, to be an important variable to be worked. However these seem not to be good to predict the performance for this sport, therefore the HJ, according to BOJIKIAN (2004), is dependent of the height and spread, and is more important than power of lower limbs to performance in volleyball.

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