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Validation Of The Pre-vent™ Mask For Maximal Metabolic Exercise Testing: 1209 Board #64 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Ong, Michelle D.; Vallejo, Alberto F.; Jensky, Nicole E.; Schroeder, E. Todd

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: May 2005 - Volume 37 - Issue 5 - p S230
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The standard mouthpiece is an important component for metabolic exercise testing. However, the mouthpiece can fatigue jaw muscles and cause dryness in the throat; thus, resulting in discomfort to its users. The Pre-Vent™ Mask is an alternative, which eliminates these discomforting factors, especially during maximal effort.


To validate the use of the Pre-Vent™ Mask versus the mouthpiece during maximal treadmill exercise testing.


Data were gathered on 19 subjects [11 women (24.7±3.2 years; 64.5±8.1 kg) and 8 men (30.9±7.3 years; 81.1±9.0 kg)] who visited the laboratory on two different occasions. During each visit, the subjects performed a maximal treadmill exercise test randomized to either the mouthpiece or the Pre-Vent™ Mask. A Modified Bruce Protocol was used which initially started at 2.5 m.p.h. and 0% grade with increments of 0.5 m.p.h. and 2% grade every two minutes. Gas was collected using the Medical Graphics Cardio II gas analysis module (BreezeSuite software version 6.0 A). Heart rate was determined by using a 3-lead ECG (Cardio Control Workstation version 1.3.1). Values at maximal levels were analyzed by paired t-test (mouthpiece versus mask) using the 0.05 level of significance.


Maximal relative volume of oxygen consumption (VO2) (ml/kg/min), absolute VO2 (Mask: 3.7±1.0, Pre-Vent™ 3.6±0.8 L/min) volume of carbon dioxide expired (VCO2) (Mask: 4.3±1.2, Pre-Vent™ 4.1±0.9 L/min), respiratory exchange ratio (RER), ventilation volume (VE; L/min), and heart rate (HR; bpm) were not significantly different between the mouthpiece and the Pre-Vent™ Mask.


The Pre-Vent™ Mask is a valid device for maximal metabolic exercise treadmill testing, as well as at submaximal levels. The Pre-Vent™ Mask may be a more comfortable alternative to the traditional mouthpiece.

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