Collagen Hydrolysate Improves Joint Function in Adults with Mild Symptoms of Osteoarthritis of the Knee : Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

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Collagen Hydrolysate Improves Joint Function in Adults with Mild Symptoms of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Zuckley, Linda; Angelopoulou, Kristi M.; Carpenter, Michael R.; McCarthy, Sean; Meredith, Barrell A.; Kline, Gregory; Rowinski, Mark; Smith, David; Angelopoulos, Theodore J. FACSM; Rippe, James M. FACSM

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 36(5):p S153-S154, May 2004.
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PURPOSE: To determine the effectiveness of a collagen hydrolysate-based nutritional supplement on knee function during stress in patients with symptoms of mild osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. METHODS: One hundred ninety individuals (mean age 57 y; 103 M, 87 F) with symptoms of mild OA of the knee based on criteria from the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) were randomly assigned to either a treatment group consisting of collagen hydrolysate from collagen (10 grams), calcium (300 milligrams), and vitamin C (60 milligrams) or a placebo group. Subjects were assessed at baseline and weeks 8 and 14 for leg strength (isometric and isokinetic) using the Biodex Multi-Joint System B2000 to assess joint strength and work performance. RESULTS: The collagen hydrolysate group, showed statistically significant improvement compared to placebo for certain strength and work performance tests, particularly those that presented the greatest challenge to the joint structure (p<0.05). A sub-group analysis of participants sequestered with more severe symptoms showed greater increases (p<0.05) in the collagen hydrolysate group for a greater number of isokinetic and isometric variables when compared with placebo. CONCLUSIONS: Collagen hydrolysate supplementation improved knee functional mobility on isometric and isokinetic testing when compared with placebo. This suggests that collagen hydrolysate supplementation has the potential to improve knee function during activities that cause high amounts of stress on the joint. Additional long-term studies are needed to evaluate the therapeutic potential of collagen hydrolysate supplementation in patients with symptoms of OA of the knee. Support: Gelita Health Initiative

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