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Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries: Scientific Basis

Rich, Brent S.E. MD, ATC

Section Editor(s): Berry, , Michael J. Ph.D., FACSM

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: October 2003 - Volume 35 - Issue 10 - p 1795
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Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries: Scientific Basis

Editor: Frontera, Walter R., MD, PhD, Bibliographic Data: (ISBN: 0-632-05813-7, Blackwell Publishing, 2003, $125.00) Series Title: The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine, 326 pages, hard cover. Subjects: Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy., Reviewed by: Eadric Bressel, Ed.D., (Utah State University College of Eduation)

DESCRIPTION: This book addresses and adequately discusses all aspects of the rehabilitative process from epidemiology to return to function. It is a complete reference on the comprehensive nature of tissue injury, repair, and functionality. PURPOSE: The purpose is to describe the process from injury through return to functional performance and discuss all aspects that contribute to that process. Those objectives are not only worthy, but long overdue in the sports medicine literature and this book exceeds the author’s objectives. AUDIENCE: The book is targeted to the sports medicine professional or one who wishes to become a rehab professional. It is geared to cover basic science that a student would be exposed to, but also to include practical application to the working professional. I believe the author intends it to be a reference to be used at multiple levels by a variety of people under the sports medicine umbrella (physicians, physiotherapists, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, anatomists, and students). FEATURES: This book describes the injury process from time of occurrence to return to play. It dissects the injury from the cellular to macroscopic and then to functional performance. It interweaves all aspects of rehabilitation (strength, flexibility, range of motion, proprioception, etc.). It also addresses what deconditioning does after injury and how psychological factors contribute to rehab, something often forgotten in the comprehensive approach to the injured athlete. The detraining chapter and the psychological aspects of injury chapter are especially well written. ASSESSMENT: A volume in The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine, this book provides comprehensive and valuable information to assist practitioners in aiding their athletes and patients. It is well written and comprehensive. I found it a pleasure to review and it is a welcome addition to my library. SCORE: Weighted Numerical Score: 91

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