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Exercise Prescription for the High-Risk Cardiac Patient

Hall, Linda K. PhD

Editor(s): Berry, Michael T. Ph.D., FACSM

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Medicine& Science in Sports & Exercise: September 1998 - Volume 30 - Issue 9 - p 1462
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Exercise Prescription for the High-Risk Cardiac Patient

Author: SQUIRES, Ray W., PhD (Mayo Clinic) Bibliographic Data: (ISBN: 0873229800, Human Kinetics Inc, 1998, $32.00), 205 pages, hard cover. Audience 1: Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialists Audience 2: Exercise Physiologists Other Info: The book contains black-and-white illustrations.

DESCRIPTION: This comprehensive guide for cardiovascular healthcare professionals, particularly those involved in rehabilitation, is a quintessential review of the research related to the high risk cardiac patient. It translates science into practical application for those interested in exercise testing, training, and improving the quality of life of these complex patients. PURPOSE: The purpose is to give an in-depth picture of the disease process and treatment for patients with left ventricular dysfunction. It more than meets these objectives and, as healthcare delivery moves to a managed care model, presents clear and concise methods supported by science for improving both the quality of life and reducing the cost of care for patients with high risk left ventricular dysfunction. AUDIENCE: Intended for the healthcare professional, with a particular slant towards those involved in cardiac rehabilitation and graduate level students, this book presents a complete overview of the pathophysiology, treatment options, responses to exercise testing and training, and benefits of exercise rehabilitation of this high risk patient population. The author has provided scientific evidence for all recommendations in this text and the health care professional is now armed with the ammunition needed to substantiate a rehabilitation program for these heretofore underserved patients. FEATURES: The text features easy to interpret graphs, tables, and charts to explain and support the science discussed. Additionally, the reference list and cited bibliography present a comprehensive review of research in this patient population and support the recommendations and conclusions set forth by the author. ASSESSMENT: A timely publication, excellently written with simple graphs, charts, and tables, this is a must reference for cardiac rehabilitation professionals getting ready to start a congestive heart failure intervention program.SCORE: Weighted Numerical Score: 91 - ****

Reviewed by:

Linda K. Hall, PhD

(University of Texas El Paso College of Nursing & Health Sciences)

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