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ACSM's Handbook for the Team Physician

Roberts, Craig S.

Editor(s): Berry, Michael J. Book Review Editor

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Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: February 1997 - Volume 29 - Issue 2 - p 287
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ACSM's Handbook for the Team Physician

W. Ben Kibler (Editor)

Dr. Ben Kibler has assembled 33 chapters from 30 contributors into ACSM's Handbook for the Team Physician. This handbook is an ambitious no-nonsense work that combines the authority of a reference text with the usefulness of a first aid manual.

Despite many authors, the text is remarkably readable and consistent. The book is structured in five sections: precompetition phase, competition phase-medical concerns, competition phase-musculoskeletal concerns, post-competition phase, and special concerns. The chapters are divided into subsections with many helpful tables. Although the text is not explicitly referenced, the end of each chapter contains a list of suggested readings that are certainly not mandatory but provide additional depth.

The condensed nature of this work has made it necessary to compress a large body of knowledge into a very portable handbook. Therefore, such a work cannot be all inclusive. However, the full gamut of athletic medicine is covered from exertional compartment syndrome to distal clavicular osteolysis. All topics are presented in a fresh, up-to-date fashion with ample information for differential diagnosis and decision making for treatment. The editor has successfully managed to resist the tendency of many sports medicine texts to deemphasize nonorthopaedic sports medicine: there are excellent chapters on medical-legal issues, the female athlete, abdominal trauma, and cardiovascular disease.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who provides medical care to athletes. This text belongs both in your office and on the sidelines in your pocket.

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