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Iowa wrestling study: cross-validation of the Tcheng-Tipton minimal weight prediction formulas for high school wrestlers

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: June 1988
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Previous research by Tcheng and Tipton developed two prediction equations appropriate for the estimation of minimal weight for high school wrestlers. The purpose of this investigation was to cross-validate these equations using densitometric estimates of minimal weight. Skeletal dimension measurements and hydrostatic weighing were completed on 220 Iowa high school wrestlers at various times in and out of season. High concurrent validity (r=0.93) and small residual errors (<0.33 kg) were observed when compared to densitometric estimates. Regression weights were of similar magnitude to those from the previous study. Two new prediction models were tested. Model II enhanced the multiple R over previous equations to 0.962 and decreased the SEE by 25% (0.55 kg). The equation was:

Minimal Weight (lbs)=0.49 x Current Weight (lbs) + 1.65 x Height (inches) + 1.81 x Chest Diameter (cm) + 6.70 x Right Wrist Diameter (cm) + 1.35 X Chest Depth (cm) - 156.56.

It was concluded that the Tcheng-Tipton equations or the new models could be used as valid indicators of a minimal weight for scholastic wrestlers.

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