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May/June 2022 - Volume 26 - Issue 3

  • Brad A. Roy, PhD, FACSM
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Twelve Reasons to Read the Entire Issue

1. Two excellent breathing exercises for your clients! In this issue's Fitness Focus column, Grace T. DeSimone, B.A., ACSM-CPT, ACSM-GEI, discusses the importance of proper breathing techniques and shares two excellent exercises for your clients.

2. Guess I need to challenge my balance more! This issue's Health & Fitness from A to Z column, penned by Kathryn M. Sibley, Ph.D., provides an excellent review of fall prevention strategies, including a glance at the future. Be sure to read, “What We Know About Fall Prevention: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow," a perfect complement to the feature article on fall prevention in older adults. Time for my rope walk!

3. Too busy? Burning out? As fitness professionals, we are passionate about helping our clients succeed. But what about your well-being? Be sure to read this issue's Take Ten column, penned by Becky Langton, M.A., ACSM-EP, “Take Care of Yourself First: Ten Self-care Tips to Prevent Burnout as a Personal Trainer."

4. “Mens sana in corpore sano"! The current pandemic of physical inactivity in youth is intimately connected to mental health challenges. Avery D. Faigenbaum, Ed.D., FACSM, ACSM-EP; Tamara Rial Rebullido, Ph.D.; and Leonard Zaichkowsky, Ph.D., discuss this interrelationship and offer a set of seven pragmatic strategies for health and fitness professionals to consider when working with youth. An excellent and important article, be sure to read “Effective Strategies for Promoting Mental Health Literacy in Youth Fitness Programs."

5. Fall-related injuries: far too common! Preventable falls are costly and in too many cases debilitating to an individual's future quality of life. Meredith Bechtel, M.A. and Carol Ewing Garber, Ph.D., FACSM, ACSM-CEP, review the literature on fall prevention and provide health and fitness professionals with excellent preventive training insights in their feature article “Efficacy of Exercise for Fall Prevention in Older Adults," which has practical information that we can use with our clients!

6. An important factor in client success. Jon Kilian, B.S., ACSM-EP, discusses an important factor and strategies that fitness professionals can zero in on to guide clients to long-term success in his feature article “'Buy-in': an Undervalued Factor."

7. Well versed in fat metabolism? Exercise training plays an important role in optimizing an individual's fat metabolism. Eric Leslie, M.S., ACSM-EP; Christine Mermier, Ph.D., ACSM-CEP; and LenKravitz, Ph.D., provide an excellent overview of fat metabolism and the role of exercise, and highlight training tips you can use with your clients in their feature article “Exercise and Fat Metabolism: Solutions to a Long-Standing Conundrum."

8. Successful gamers take time to MOVE! In this issue's Research Bites column, associate editor Mary M. Yoke, Ph.D., FACSM, M.A., M.M., reviews three interesting research studies, including an important key strategy for clients who are into gaming! I know a few people I should send that study to!

9. Will technology enhance nutrition guidance? Stella L. Volpe, Ph.D., RDN, LDN, FACSM, ACSM-CEP, in this issue's A Nutritionist's View column, “Artificial Intelligence and Precision Nutrition," discusses the use of technology to zero in on individual nutrition needs.

10. Important considerations when offering virtual fitness programs. The pandemic has resulted in a rapid deployment of virtual fitness offerings that are not immune (no pun intended) to risk. In this issue's Fitness Safety column, “Virtual Fitness Programs: Safety and Legal Liability Issues to Consider: Part 2," JoAnn M. Eickhoff-Shemek, Ph.D., FACSM, FAWHP, continues an important discussion regarding these risks and steps fitness professionals should consider when offering virtual services.

11. Key concepts for ramping back up! Patrick Freeman, B.S., discusses important considerations for personal trainers and facility leaders to ponder in this issue's Business Edge column, “Are Your Fitness Trainers Making the Grade? Best Practices to Drive Universal Quality."

12. Pandemic disruptions provide business redesign and wellness culture opportunities. In this issue's Worksite Health Promotion column, associate editor Nico P. Pronk, Ph.D., FACSM, FAWHP, discusses opportunities the pandemic has created for businesses to improve their workplace cultures and focus on health and well-being of their workforce. Be sure to read “Addressing COVID-19 Disruptions at the Workplace While Preparing for a Post-pandemic Future," an insightful and provocative read!

Brad A. Roy, Ph.D., FACSM
Logan Regional Medical Center
[email protected]

Heads-up: Effective Strategies for Promoting Mental Health Literacy in Youth Fitness Programs

Faigenbaum, Avery D.; Rebullido, Tamara Rial; Zaichkowsky, Leonard

ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal. 26(3):12-19, May/June 2022.

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