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November/December 2018 - Volume 22 - Issue 6

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1. What's HOT for 2019? For the 13th consecutive year Walt Thompson, Ph.D., FACSM, has successfully conducted a worldwide survey of fitness professionals to ascertain what may be trending in the fitness industry for 2019. Annually our most read feature, you won't want to miss it, and you might find a few surprises!! In fact, this year we are dedicating this entire issue to "ACSM's Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2019" by featuring a number of the top trends in our columns and feature articles.

2. Anyone not using wearable technology? Wearable technology continues to evolve and this issue's Health & Fitness from A to Z column penned by Gary L. Liguori, Ph.D., FACSM; Dylan J. Kennedy; and James W. Navalta, Ph.D., reviews the past, present, and possible future of fitness wearables. I never leave home without it; so I'm not surprised where it was ranked in the survey!

3. Trend or Fad: What's stood the test of time? Over the initial 12 years of the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends a number of projected trends dropped off the radar following their initial appearance, suggesting they were more of a fad than a trend. Be sure to read "ACSM's Top 10 Fitness Trends", elegantly written by Ed Howley, Ph.D., FACSM, to learn more about the history of the trend's survey and what has come and gone over the years.

4. What, HIIT is #39: China, Spain, and the USA, similar yet different! In 2017 both China and Spain, using the ACSM's Trends Survey model conducted surveys within their respective countries. Vanessa Kercher, Ph.D., in her feature article "International Comparisons: The ACSM Fitness Trend Survey", compares the similarities and differences between these two surveys to the USA specific results in last year's trends survey.

5. Losing your mind? Try HIIT! Much has been uncovered regarding the benefits of HIIT on cardiometabolic health, however, there is much more to the story. Martin J. Gibala, Ph.D.; Jennifer J. Heisz, Ph.D.; and Aimee J. Nelson, Ph.D., broaden our perspective regarding the potential benefits of HIIT in their article, "Interval Training for Cardiometabolic and Brain Health".

6. What's your definition of "Functional Training"? Since the inception of the trends survey functional fitness has consistently ranked within the top 10 trends, placing #9 for 2019. But what exactly is functional fitness and how do you instill such a program with your clients? Leslie Stenger, M.S., provides us with some provocative information in her feature article, "Functional Fitness: Program Development for Your Clients—Considerations, Activities, and Progressions". Maybe it should be spelled FUNctional Training!

7. Well, there goes that excuse! Far too many of us choose to rely on a variety of resistance and cardiovascular training equipment to challenge our bodies. When traveling, or for some other reason the equipment isn't available, training often suffers. Yet we all carry around with us  the equipment we need! Be sure to read "Utilizing Body Weight Training with Your Personal Training Clients", nicely written by Rebecca Langton, M.A. and John King, M.S., to learn how your clients can benefit from this highly ranked fitness activity.

8. Your Education and Certification are Critically Important!! Yuri Feito, Ph.D., MPH, FACSM, in this issue's ACSM Certification column discusses the importance of being certified, a trend that has ranked in the top 10 every year the ACSM trend's survey has been conducted.

9. Girls Gone Strong: a story worth celebrating! Be sure to read this issue's "Celebrate Success" column where Dixie Stanforth, Ph.D., FACSM and Alex Weidenheft, M.Ed., share the journey and success of "Girls Gone Strong".

10. Yoga: seems like it goes back to the beginning of time, but is it safe for all my clients? Abigail Day; Michelle Day, M.A.; Daniela Terson de Paleville, Ph.D.; and Kristi McClary King, Ph.D., CHES, provide some excellent insights regarding considerations fitness professionals should make when referring clients to a yoga program. I picked up a few tips reading this issue's Clinical Applications column, "Strategies for Implementing Safe and Effective Yoga Programs" and I am sure you will as well.

11. Have a client considering a fitness app? The volume of available fitness apps is rapidly expanding, creating a bit of a challenge when choosing what is best for you and/or your client. This issue's "Take Ten" column elegantly written Jim Peterson, Ph.D., FACSM, presents a variety of things you and your client should be aware of when searching for a fitness app.

Brad A. Roy, Ph.D., FACSM

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