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DEPARTMENTS: From the Editor

From the Editor

Howley, Edward T. Ph.D., FACSM, Editor-in-Chief

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ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal: March 2010 - Volume 14 - Issue 2 - p 1
doi: 10.1249/FIT.0b013e3181cff3d9
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In Brief

I am looking forward to spring, with the trees blooming and the brown Bermuda grass going to green. I see more opportunities to play outdoors, and that means more golf for me. I am most excited about ACSM's 14th Health & Fitness Summit & Exposition to be held in Austin, TX, from April 7 to 10. It should be a great meeting. We have four preconferences, "Exercise Adherence in 2010: Thinking Outside the Box;" "Emerging Trends in Worksite Health Promotion: Creating, Maintaining, and Sustaining Forward Momentum;" "Resistance Training: Taking It to the NEXT Level;" and have recently added one focusing on a major health issue, "Energy Balance and Obesity: Weighing the Options." In addition, we have four exciting keynote speakers: Kathy Smith, "Kathy Smith's Gamechangers;" Tedd Mitchell, M.D., "Aging With Attitude: The Impact of Exercise on Quality of Life;" Clyde Yancy, M.D., "Managing Heart Disease Risk in the New Era;" and ACSM President James M. Pivarnik, Ph.D., FACSM, "U.S. Initiatives for Physical Fitness: How Do We Put Them All Together?" In addition, we have a special highlighted session featuring Steven N. Blair, P.E.D., FACSM, who will address the important question, "Fitness or Fatness: Which Is More Important?" Finally, the meeting will have its usual excellent speakers who will discuss important issues across the broad areas (e.g., fitness programming, nutrition, etc.) that represent the domain of the fitness professional. Please see for more details, including discounts for students. I look forward to seeing you in Austin. Bring your dancing shoes!

We have three excellent feature articles in this issue of the Journal. Most of us are aware that heart failure is a deadly and costly condition that is increasing in prevalence. Peter H. Brubaker, Ph.D., FACSM, and Cemal Ozemek, B.S., address this topic in their feature, "Exercise Therapy for the Failing Heart: Harmful or Helpful?" Their article describes the unique pathophysiology and acute exercise responses of heart failure patients as well as the important role of exercise training in the management of this disorder. This is an important up-to-date presentation for those in both the clinical and preventive setting.

Some clients would rather play games than grind away on a cycle ergometer or treadmill. Is that a good idea? Kris Berg, Ed.D., addresses this topic in his article, "Sports and Games: Fitness, Function, and Fun." Many sports and games that seem to meet ACSM's intensity guidelines for aerobic fitness may enhance other functional capacities such as performance of the activities of daily living and balance. Besides, playing games may provide enjoyment that contributes to increased adherence to regular physical activity. Discover ways to incorporate sports and games into your exercise programs and prescriptions - a fun way to get fit.

Finally, Kristina A. Harris, B.A.; Alison M. Hill, Ph.D.; and Penny M. Kris-Etherton, Ph.D., R.D., discuss an important nutritional topic in their feature, "Health Benefits of Marine-Derived Omega-3 Fatty Acids." This article describes the health benefits of marine-derived omega-3 fatty acids, with particular focus on cardiovascular disease, and a discussion of recommended intakes and dietary sources. Given the current interest in this topic, this is a must read for students and practitioners alike.


Edward T. Howley, Ph.D., FACSM


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