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Balance Tune Up! Conduct a Symphony of Moves With Maestro David Dworkin

Sanders, Mary E. Ph.D., FACSM, RCEP

doi: 10.1249/FIT.0b013e318296df5e
COLUMNS: On the Floor

Disclosure: The author declares no conflict of interest and does not have any financial disclosures.

Mary E. Sanders, Ph.D., FACSM, RCEP, is a clinical exercise physiologist at the Division of Wellness and Weight Management in the School of Medicine and adjunct professor of the School of Public Health, University of Nevada, Reno. She is an associate editor of ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal® and editor of the YMCA Water Fitness for Health trainingmanual. Dr. Sanders is ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise SpecialistSM and ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist®. Her Web site is .

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