July 2018 - Volume 46 - Issue 3

  • Roger M. Enoka, PhD
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  • 9/84 in Physiology; 5/81 in Sports Science
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​​The July 2018 issue of Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews is available* online now!  This issue features two Perspectives for Progress papers:

    • Concepts About V̇O2max and Trainability Are Context Dependent” by authors Michael J. Joyner and Carsten Lundby
    • Performance Limitations in Heart Transplant Recipients” by authors Wesley J. Tucker, Rhys I. Beaudry, T. Jake Samuel, Michael D. Nelson, Martin Halle, Aaron L. Baggish, and Mark J. Haykowsky

​Perspectives for Progress articles are written by senior investigators who are still active in research that provide a synthesis of the current state in a particular field, identify gaps in knowledge, and suggest key questions that need to be addressed. 

If interested in submitting a proposal for a Perspectives for Progress or  to the journal, please review the instructions for authors and send the completed proposal form to the editorial office (essr@acsm.org).

Get more out this issue with online-only features:
    • Video abstract from authors Rian Q. Landers-Ramos and Steven J. Prior on their article “The Microvasculature and Skeletal Muscle Health in Aging”
    • The Journal Club​ for the article “The Impact of Aerobic Exercise on the Muscle Stem Cell Response,” featuring discussion questions covering the article content.
Articles with additional online-only content are indicated on the table of contents and on the first page of the article. Online-only content includes:

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Roger M. Enoka, Ph.D.
ESSR Editor-in-Chief​​

Current Issue Highlights

Concepts About V˙O2max and Trainability Are Context Dependent

Joyner, Michael J.; Lundby, Carsten

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 46(3):138-143, July 2018.

Performance Limitations in Heart Transplant Recipients

Tucker, Wesley J.; Beaudry, Rhys I.; Samuel, T. Jake; More

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 46(3):144-151, July 2018.

Circulating microRNA as Emerging Biomarkers of Exercise

Fernández-Sanjurjo, Manuel; de Gonzalo-Calvo, David; Fernández-García, Benjamín; More

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 46(3):160-171, July 2018.