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April 2021 - Volume 49 - Issue 2

  • Roger M. Enoka, PhD
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The April issue of Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews (ESSR), is now available! 

This issue includes several articles that are classified as "Perspectives for Progress." These articles focus on the future directions in the field of research and have been written by internationally renowned senior investigators who are still actively publishing original research. We encourage you to check out the following articles that provide the authors' key thoughts and opinions on the current status of the field, and emphasize the areas, specific research questions, and experimental approaches that would advance knowledge in the field:

  • “Exercise Is Muscle Mitochondrial Medicine"
  • “Exercise as Medicine During the Course of Hip Osteoarthritis"
  • “Pivotal Role of Heart for Orthostasis: Left Ventricular Untwisting Mechanics and Physical Fitness"
  • “Physical Activity and Male Reproductive Function: A New Role for Gamete Mitochondria"

 The Editorial Board has again brought a collection of thought-provoking articles. ESSR largely consists of these brief review articles that are based on a novel (original) hypothesis. The hypothesis is supported by the authors' peer-reviewed research publications and is illustrated with a schematic figure. The articles for this issue include:

  • “Massage as a Mechanotherapy for Skeletal Muscle"
  • “Novel Strategies for Healthy Brain Aging"
  • “Static Stretching Reduces Motoneuron Excitability: The Potential Role of Neuromodulation"
  • “The S.P.A.C.E Hypothesis: Physical Activity as Medium — Not Medicine — for Public Health Impact"

Look for articles with icons for additional online-only content. Online-only content includes:

Roger M. Enoka, Ph.D.
ESSR Editor-in-Chief​​

Novel Strategies for Healthy Brain Aging

Wahl, Devin; Cavalier, Alyssa N.; LaRocca, Thomas J.

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 49(2):115-125, April 2021.