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January 2019 - Volume 47 - Issue 1

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The January 2019 issue of Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews is available online now!  This issue includes a Perspectives for Progress from authors Russell Pate and Marsha Dowda in which they propose a comprehensive public health initiative to increase physical activity in U.S. youth. Also, included online-only are the Journal Club discussion questions (accessed using the "Club" icon) and resource list to encourage physical activity in youth. 

This issue also includes a commentary that addresses the article "Modulation of Energy Expenditure by Estrogens and Exercise in Women." In another excellent article, authors Owen Beck and Alena M. Grabowski cover the running economy of athletes with and without leg amputations. A figure from their article is featured on the journal cover. The issue features several other intriguing articles:

  • "Syncing Exercise with Meals and Circadian Clocks"
  • "Protein Metabolism in Active Youth: Not Just Little Adults"
  • "Statistical Considerations for Exercise Protocols Aimed at Measuring Trainability"
  • The Importance of mTOR Trafficking for Human Skeletal Muscle Transitional Control"
  • "Promoting Exercise Adherence Through Groups: A Self-Categorization Theory Perspective"

Articles with additional online-only content are indicated on the table of contents and on the first page of the article. Online-only content includes:

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Roger M. Enoka, Ph.D.
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