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January 2022 - Volume 50 - Issue 1

  • Roger M. Enoka, PhD
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Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews (ESSR) published its first volume in 1973 with a profound dedication in the preface. This makes 2022 the 50th anniversary of the establishment of ESSR. Read more details on those who have contributed to its success and the evolution to the journal's current format in the editorial.

Of course, the success of the ESSR hinges on the associate editors who recruit authors to write these engaging articles. On behalf of the Journal, I would thank the outgoing editorial board members who contributed to ESSR throughout their terms: Charlotte Suetta (University of Copenhagen) and Alena Grabowski (University of Colorado Boulder). We also welcome to the editorial board: Marie Hoeger Bement (Marquette University) and Jackie Limberg (University of Missouri).

In addition to the 50th anniversary of ESSR, 2022 will also bring to a close my term as editor-in-chief (2014–2022). I have been involved with the journal since 1997 when, as a graduate student, I served as a reviewer for some of the papers that were invited by my mentors (editors-in-chief Robert S. Hutton and Doris I. Miller). Given my vested interest in ESSR, I expect to continue helping it to build upon the success that it has achieved.

This January 2022 issue includes the following:

  • Editorial: “From the Editor"
  • Perspectives for Progress: “Skeletal Muscle Nitrate as a Regulator of Systemic Nitric Oxide Homeostasis"
  • Perspectives for Progress: “The Legacy of Pregnancy: Elite Athletes and Women in Arduous Occupations"
  • “Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Workload, and the Blood Pressure Response to Exercise Testing"
  • “Exercise Snacks: A Novel Strategy to Improve Cardiometabolic Health"
  • “Exercising the Sleepy-ing Brain: Exercise, Sleep, and Sleep Loss on Memory"
  • “The HO-1/CO System and Mitochondrial Quality Control in Skeletal Muscle"

ESSR is a quarterly publication that features forward-thinking content written by invited authors either to provide the rationale for a novel hypothesis (Brief Reviews) or to summarize work on a contemporary issue and identify the key gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed to move the field forward (Perspectives for Progress). More details on the requirements for each type of article can be found at ACSM professional members receive a subscription to this journal as a member benefit.

Look for articles with icons for additional online-only content. Online-only content includes:

Roger M. Enoka, Ph.D.
ESSR Editor-in-Chief​​

Skeletal Muscle Nitrate as a Regulator of Systemic Nitric Oxide Homeostasis

Piknova, Barbora; Schechter, Alan N.; Park, Ji Won; More

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 50(1):2-13, January 2022.

Exercising the Sleepy-ing Brain: Exercise, Sleep, and Sleep Loss on Memory

Roig, Marc; Cristini, Jacopo; Parwanta, Zohra; More

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 50(1):38-48, January 2022.