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July 2020 - Volume 48 - Issue 3

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In response to the cancellation of this year’s ACSM Annual Meeting and World Congresses, the Program Committee created the ACSM 2020 Virtual Experience to deliver the latest research that annual meeting attendees have come to expect. The ACSM 2020 Virtual Experience will be available from June 17 to December 31, 2020.
The Editorial Board of Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews continue to bring engaging articles on varying topics to readers with the July 2020 issue. These include:
Authors Deirdre E. McGhee and Julie R. Steele identify knowledge gaps to guide future impactful research on breast support for active women of all ages in a Perspectives for Progress paper entitled “Biomechanics of Breast Support for Active Women.”
Contemporary issues on the effects of exercise on GLUT4 translocation in muscle and GLUT4 expression are covered in the Perspectives for Progress paper “Exercise and GLUT4” by authors Marcelo Flores-Opazo, Sean L. McGee, and Mark Hargreaves.
Authors Nicholas T. Broskey, Kai Zou, G. Lynis Dohm, and Joseph A. Houmard review how fasting lactate concentration is predictive of metabolic health and disease in an article on “Plasma Lactate as a Marker for Metabolic Health.”
In an article on “Synergy between Acute Intermittent Hypoxia and Task-Specific Training,” authors Joseph F. Welch, Tommy W. Sutor, Alicia K. Vose, Raphael R. Perim, Emily J. Fox, and Gordon S. Mitchell propose a model of synergy in motor plasticity that emerges from the combination of acute intermittent hypoxia and task-specific training.
Authors Arturo Figueroa, Salvador J. Jaime, Masahiko Morita, Joaquin U. Gonzales, and Christophe Moinard evaluate the influence of oral L-citrulline and exercise training on vascular and muscular aging via improved nitric oxide bioavailability and muscle protein synthesis in an article on “L-Citrulline Supports Vascular and Muscular Benefits of Exercise Training in Older Adults.”
In an article on “The Central Role of Osteocytes in the Four Adaptive Pathways of Bone’s Mechanostat,” authors Julie M. Hughes, Colleen M. Castellani, Kristin L. Popp, Katelyn I. Guerriere, Ronald W. Matheny Jr, Bradley C. Nindl, and Mary L. Bouxsein describe how osteocytes can initiate four distinct pathways that results in the adaptation of bone to changes in its mechanical environment.

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Roger M. Enoka, Ph.D.
ESSR Editor-in-Chief​​

l-Citrulline Supports Vascular and Muscular Benefits of Exercise Training in Older Adults

Figueroa, Arturo; Jaime, Salvador J.; Morita, Masahiko; More

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 48(3):133-139, July 2020.

Synergy between Acute Intermittent Hypoxia and Task-Specific Training

Welch, Joseph F.; Sutor, Tommy W.; Vose, Alicia K.; More

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 48(3):125-132, July 2020.