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ESSR Paper of the Year

  • Creator:   ESSR Editor
  • Updated:   6/5/2023
  • Contains:  8 items
A collection of the annual ESSR Paper of the Year selections and editorials covering the selected articles. The ACSM Publications Committee established an annual Paper of the Year award in 2020 for each of ACSM’s journals to recognize the demonstrated excellence in scientific and scholarly publications for the previous year in each journal. The Paper of the Year selection is based on the significance and impact of the article. Read the inaugural announcement at:

Journal Club

  • Creator:   ESSR Editor
  • Updated:   3/25/2022
  • Contains:  48 items
Review journal club questions and the covered articles beginning with the July 2010 issue. Click on the red Club button to open the questions.

Video Abstracts

  • Creator:   ESSR Editor
  • Updated:   4/26/2021
  • Contains:  18 items
A collection of the articles that include video abstracts. Click on the green and white play button under the titles to watch the individual video abstracts.

Visual Abstracts

  • Creator:   ESSR Editor
  • Updated:   10/21/2021
  • Contains:  14 items
A collection of the articles that include visual abstracts. Click on the icon under the titles to view the individual visual abstracts.

Perspectives for Progress

  • Creator:   ESSR Editor
  • Updated:   9/8/2023
  • Contains:  47 items
Senior investigators who are still active in research provide a synthesis of the current state in a particular field, identify gaps in knowledge, and suggest key questions that need to be addressed. We refer to these articles as Perspectives for Progress.