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Visual Abstracts

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  • Updated:   3/15/2019
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A collection of the articles that include visual abstracts. Click on the icon under the titles to view the individual visual abstracts.

Muscle Fiber Splitting Is a Physiological Response to Extreme Loading in Animals

Murach, Kevin A.; Dungan, Cory M.; Peterson, Charlotte A.; More

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 47(2):108-115, April 2019.

mHealth Interventions for Exercise and Risk Factor Modification in Cardiovascular Disease

Maddison, Ralph; Rawstorn, Jonathan C.; Shariful Islam, Sheikh Mohammed; More

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 47(2):86-90, April 2019.

Exercise and Bariatric Surgery: An Effective Therapeutic Strategy

Coen, Paul M.; Carnero, Elvis A.; Goodpaster, Bret H.

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews. 46(4):262-270, October 2018.