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Enoka, Roger M.

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Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews: January 2021 - Volume 49 - Issue 1 - p 1
doi: 10.1249/JES.0000000000000241
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Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews (ESSR), an official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), publishes two types of review articles: brief review articles and Perspectives for Progress. Each type of article has specific criteria:

Brief review articles: It is the most common type of article and must present a novel hypothesis that is derived from several of the authors' peer-reviewed publications. These articles are required to provide a rationale for why a particular outcome can be predicted based on the existing literature. In an effort to reach a broad audience, including those who are not experts on the topic, authors are required to develop a succinct hypothesis, provide a declarative title that states the main point of the article, include a list of three to five key points about the article, present a schematic figure of the hypothesis, and not exceed an approximate limit of 50 citations.

Perspectives for Progress: Senior investigators who are still active in research provide a synthesis of the current state in a particular field, identify gaps in knowledge, suggest key questions that need to be addressed, and are limited to 150 citations. View the full collection of Perspective for Progress articles at the ESSR site (

The 2019 impact factor increased to 4.915. Although much has been written about the merit of an impact factor, it remains a critical factor in our ability to attract high-quality authors to publish their work in our journal.

The online-only features for ESSR continue to expand the reach of the journal. Authors are encouraged to upload audio, video, or data/text files to enhance their article. Authors should refer to the ESSR Instructions for Authors or contact the Editorial Office ([email protected]) for specific guidelines on these digital features. In addition, authors of articles that are of special interest may be encouraged to provide online-only features. These digital features make the article content more accessible to key ESSR audiences, including students and the professors who teach them.

Of course, the success of the ESSR hinges on the Associate Editors who recruit authors to write these engaging articles. On behalf of the Journal, I would like thank two outgoing editorial board members who contributed to ESSR throughout their terms: Dave Hostler and Nancy Williams.

To read more about ESSR article types and to learn how to submit a proposal, visit the ESSR Instructions for Authors page: You can continue to share your ideas, thoughts, and insights by e-mailing us at [email protected].

Roger M. Enoka, Ph.D.

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