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Editor-in-Chief Continues to Lead the Journal

Clarkson, Priscilla M. Editor-in-Chief

Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews: January 2009 - Volume 37 - Issue 1 - p 1
doi: 10.1097/JES.0b013e318190e9c4
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Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews (ESSR) will continue to present the highly informative scholarly articles that readers are eager to see, and I thank many of you who have provided feedback and compliments. I am also pleased to inform you that my role as editor-in-chief has been extended for a second term, so I will continue to have the privilege of working with a dedicated Editorial Board.

As happens annually, the ESSR Editorial Board has undergone a couple of changes. I want to extend my gratitude to those editors who have contributed much to the journal by soliciting and shepherding stimulating articles throughout their terms and will continue to play a role with the College in different ways. Kevin P. Davy, Ph.D., FACSM; David A. Dzewaltowski, Ph.D.; Patty S. Freedson, Ph.D., FACSM; and Barbara Sternfeld, Ph.D., FACSM, thank you for your work with us! I would like to thank and congratulate two Assistant Editors who will now be serving as Associate Editors: Barry Braun, Ph.D., FACSM, and Stephen M. Roth, Ph.D., FACSM. Finally, I would like to welcome those who are beginning terms as Associate Editors: Scott J. Montain, Ph.D., FACSM; Ryan E. Rhodes, Ph.D.; Stewart G. Trost, Ph.D., FACSM; and Antoine J. van den Bogert, Ph.D.; or as an Assistant Editor: Benjamin F. Miller, Ph.D., FACSM. We look forward to their contributions to ESSR.

Based on your suggestions, the journal now has a forum for Letters to the Editor. Letters addressed to the Editor-in-Chief will be considered for publication if they promote intellectual discussion of an ESSR article published within the previous 12 months. Letters should contain an informative title and follow the submission requirements for manuscripts. Letters are limited to 500 words and a maximum of eight references. Please see the journal's Web site ( for more information.

ESSR is your journal, and as always, you can share your ideas, thoughts, and insights with me by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Please enjoy another year of excellent state-of-the art articles that will promote new research ideas and advance the science in their respective areas.

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