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The Psychological Burden of Retirement from Sport

Esopenko, Carrie; Coury, Josephine R.; Pieroth, Elizabeth M.; More

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 19(10):430-437, October 2020.

Internal Oblique Muscle Strain on the Side of the Dominant Arm in a Representative Handball Player

Asai, Kazuki; Nakase, Junsuke; Shimozaki, Kengo; More

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 18(10):358-360, October 2019.

Gamer's Health Guide: Optimizing Performance, Recognizing Hazards, and Promoting Wellness in Esports

Emara, Ahmed K.; Ng, Mitchell K.; Cruickshank, Jason A.; More

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 19(12):537-545, December 2020.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in the Management of Sports Medicine Injuries

Schroeder, Allison N.; Tenforde, Adam S.; Jelsing, Elena J.

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 20(6):298-305, June 2021.

Tart Cherry Juice in Athletes: A Literature Review and Commentary

Vitale, Kenneth C.; Hueglin, Shawn; Broad, Elizabeth

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 16(4):230-239, July/August 2017.

Returning to Sport After Gymnastics Injuries

Sweeney, Emily A.; Howell, David R.; James, David A.; More

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 17(11):376-390, November 2018.

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Exertional Rhabdomyolysis: A Military Medicine Perspective

Nye, Nathaniel S.; Kasper, Korey; Madsen, Clifford Marc; More

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 20(3):169-178, March 2021.