June 2018 - Volume 17 - Issue 6

  • Shawn F. Kane, MD, FACSM
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  • Sports Science 54/81
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Happy June –

By the time this edition hits the street ACSM's Annual Meeting in Minneapolis will have wrapped up, another great venue in a great city.  As usual it was an amazing opportunity to learn new things, meet up and reconnect with old colleagues and make new friends. I think one of the best parts of ACSM's Annual Meeting is talking to and seeing the excitement in the faces of the students and the younger researchers and clinicians. As usual, there were too many great things going on at the same time as my online schedule told me I needed to be in four places at once most of the time. One thing I have always enjoyed about ACSM's Annual Meeting is the mix of basic science, advanced research, and clinical medicine. I hope everyone had as great of a time as I did and look forward to seeing everyone next year in Orlando!

The June 2018 issue of Current Sports Medicine Reports covers training, prevention, and rehabilitation topics.  The articles in this edition were recruited by Section Editor Jonathan T. Finoff, DO, FACSM and they are all excellent.  What is the optimal dose of running as it pertains to cardiovascular risk?  Advanced concepts in hip morphology, pathologies, and rehabilitation for athletic hip injuries; core and back rehabilitation for high-speed rotation sports such as lacrosse; and energy availability, macronutrient intake, and nutritional supplementation for improving exercise performance in endurance athletes.  I think each of these will help us in our clinical practice. 

This issue also contains two very interesting case reports. The first case looks at a humeral stress fracture with median nerve injury in a baseball player. The second case report looks at rehabilitation of the surgically repaired intramuscular hamstring tendon.

This edition includes another very interesting FIMS: International Perspectives column examining the necessary steps to accelerate the integration of wearable sensors into recreation and competitive sports.

Our regular articles this month are just as interesting and relevant as the section articles.  Scanning Sports Medicine covers the latest clinical research published by the American College of Sports Medicine and CAQ Review covers general fracture considerations. Clinical Pearls looks at saphenous neuropathy and how it can be a masquerading cause of anteromedial knee pain.

Hope everyone's summer is off to a great start and is safe and enjoyable



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Shawn F. Kane, MD, FACSM