March 2018 - Volume 17 - Issue 3

  • Shawn F. Kane, MD, FACSM
  • 1537-8918
  • 6 issues / year
  • Sports Science 54/81
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Greetings and Happy March!! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the Winter Olympics as much as I did – truly amazing performances by the world's greatest athletes on the biggest stage; next up Tokyo 2020. Now we turn our attention to March Madness and the annual tradition of filling out our brackets. How many will you fill out and how much time will you spend listening to the experts? Meghan, my 10-year-old daughter, tends to do well basing her picks on school nicknames – food for thought. 

This issue of Current Sports Medicine Reports (CSMR) is packed full of useful information and interesting reads covering a variety of topics in Chest and Abdominal Conditions.

The journal's Chest and Abdominal Conditions Section Editor Tracy R. Ray, MD, FACSM, has assembled an interesting set of articles that cover a variety of topics that most of us see in our clinical practice. The evaluation of athletes with suspected exercise-induced asthma or bronchospasm, chest trauma in athletic medicine, and the effects of anabolic steroids on the liver. Hopefully, you find them as interesting, informative, and helpful as I did.

This edition's Invited Commentary is penned by Ashwin L. Rao, MD and covers suicide in athletes. I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Rao speak at last year's ACSM Annual Meeting and wanted to give this important topic another venue. I think this commentary will do a lot to help increase awareness and help separate fact from fiction regarding suicide in athletes. Pearls and Pitfalls by E. Randy Eichner, MD, FACSM, looks at accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in sports and other settings. Clinical Pearls written by Heather K. Vincent, PhD, FACSM and Kevin R. Vincent, MD, PhD, FACSM, covers cross body stretching for internal rotation deficit, and Web Alert by William W. Dexter, MD, FACSM and James Alex, MD, looks at useful web sites with resources you can use in your practice. This issue's Clinician Profile features Nailah Coleman, MD, FAAP, FACSM, who serves as the journal's CAQ Review editor and provides valuable columns that help all of us prepare for our next CAQ.


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Shawn F. Kane, MD, FACSM

Evaluating the Athlete with Suspected Exercise-Induced Asthma or Bronchospasm

Brennan, Fred H. Jr.; Alent, Jeffrey; Ross, Michael J.

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 17(3):85-89, March 2018.