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  • Updated:   8/6/2021
  • Contains:  53 items
This collection contains the case studies that published from 2017 to 2020.

Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the Cubital Tunnel Successfully Treated with Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Nerve Hydrodissection: A Case Report and Further Evidence for a Developing Treatment Option

Stoddard, Jonathan M.; Taylor, Cole R.; O'Connor, Francis G.

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 18(11):382-386, November 2019.

Internal Oblique Muscle Strain on the Side of the Dominant Arm in a Representative Handball Player

Asai, Kazuki; Nakase, Junsuke; Shimozaki, Kengo; More

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 18(10):358-360, October 2019.

A Case of Traumatic Splenic Laceration in a Division II Football Player: Advisable versus Safe Return to Play Considerations

Cornwell, James N.; Wilhelm, David J.; Leary, Patrick F.

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 18(3):72-75, March 2019.

Case Series of Exertional Heat Stroke in Runners During Early Spring: 2014 to 2016 Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Divine, Jon G.; Daggy, Matthew W.; Dixon, Emily E.; More

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 17(5):151-158, May 2018.

Blood Flow Restriction Training for Postoperative Lower-Extremity Weakness: A Report of Three Cases

Tennent, David J.; Burns, Travis C.; Johnson, Anthony E.; More

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 17(4):119-122, April 2018.

Acute Occlusion of Brachial Artery Caused by Blunt Trauma in Football Player: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Chan, John; Han, David; Gallo, Robert A.

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 16(6):386-390, November/December 2017.

High-Stepping Cross-Country Athlete: A Unique Case of Foot Drop and a Novel Treatment Approach

Tabor, Melissa; Emerson, Blaze; Drucker, Rebecca; More

Current Sports Medicine Reports. 16(5):314-316, September/October 2017.