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Dexter, William W. MD, FACSM; Editor:; Walls, Heidi MD; Contributor:

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Current Sports Medicine Reports: July 2020 - Volume 19 - Issue 7 - p 247-248
doi: 10.1249/JSR.0000000000000726
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Active for Life

Description: Active for Life is a Canadian nonprofit social initiative created to help parents give their children the right start in life through the development of physical literacy. Physical literacy is when kids have developed the skills, confidence, and love of movement to be physically active for life. Known benefits of being physically active include higher test scores, increased self-esteem and happiness, higher annual earnings as adults, and reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. The Active for Life web site provides resources for parents and professionals who want to promote physical literacy in their children. There is a library of practical articles with titles including “56 Awesome Family Dance Party Jams,” “6 Active Games Kids Can Play with a Pair of Socks,” and “Window Walks and Other Ways to Jazz up your Neighborhood Stroll.” There also is a catalog of activities targeted at specific foundational movement skills. A search feature allows you to narrow by age and skill type (balance, agility, jumping, etc.). This web site is a source of inspiration and practical information to promote youth physical activity. Although health care providers are not the target audience, this is a great web site that can inform how to counsel families with physically inactive youth and serve as a site to refer families to for more information.

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Antidoping E-Learning (ADEL)

Description: The antidoping e-learning platform developed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) offers access to all topics related to clean sport and antidoping. This is the hub for all of WADA's e-learning courses and resources. It offers free courses for athletes, coaches, doctors, and administrators. The “Sport Physician’s Tool Kit” module is a streamlined version of the paper tool kit intended to help sport physicians and should be of interest to any physician working with athletes.

Cost: Free courses for athletes, coaches, doctors, and administrators.

Change Talk: Childhood Obesity

Description: Kognito describes itself as an online evidence-based health simulation company. The main web site ( has several products available that are targeted at health care providers and educators and are related to various topics, including mental health, substance use, chronic disease, family relations, medication adherence, and patient-provider communication. You can access the “Change Talk: Childhood Obesity” product for free at the above web address. This module introduces you to motivational interviewing techniques and allows you to practice conversations with virtual families to stimulate behavior change relating to childhood obesity. It is a sophisticated, user-friendly platform, and takes about 45 min to complete. Evidence shows that providers using motivational interviewing techniques are more likely to drive behavior change than providers who simply tell patients what to do. This online learning tool is a great way to practice how to have more effective conversations with families and is particularly relevant to providers working with pediatric populations.

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How to Exercise at Home: The 50 Best Free Online Workout Resources

Description: This is a blog post by Dave Smith, a Canadian fitness professional, that cites his top 50 free online workout resources. His selections include a variety of different types of exercise, including high-intensity interval training, yoga, barre, Pilates, and strength. What they have in common is that they are all free and can be done at home with minimal to no equipment. Each resource on the list has a description of what is offered and a link to the site. There are a lot of online workouts out there, and this provides a nice catalog of some of the better options. This could be used as a personal reference by any provider looking to squeeze in some exercise at the convenience of home, or a place in which to direct patients (particularly those whose barriers to exercise may include getting to a gym or affording the cost of membership).

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Ortho Traumapedia

Mobile App

Description: Ortho Traumapedia is a mobile app that provides a point-of-care reference for the treatment of orthopedic trauma. It is organized into chapters by bone (for fractures) and joint (for dislocations). Each chapter is divided into four sections: Facts, Imaging, Classification, and Treatment. This easy-to-use format allows quick access to high-yield information in line with the current standards of care. Although it was originally developed for orthopedic surgeons, practitioners of all levels and specialties who encounter adult skeletal trauma are likely to find this app useful as a condensed reference.

Cost: US $9.99 in the App Store.


Mobile App

Description: Sublux is a mobile app that markets itself as “the radiology app for the rest of us.” It serves as a great introduction and quick reference for X-ray interpretation. The app is organized into the joints of the upper and lower extremities, the spine, and the torso (chest, abdomen). The app guides you through a stepwise approach to interpretation, including overlays highlighting important structures, and proper alignment. You can toggle between normal and abnormal X-rays. Each diagnosis or injury includes a description with clinical pearls and basic management. This app is most appropriate for the nonradiologist and may be of particular interest to medical students, residents, and other adult learners looking to build a foundation for reading X-rays.

Cost: It is available for free in the App Store.

YLM Sport Science

Description: YLM Sport Science is a web site that regularly publishes infographics that summarize the key messages of recent research published in the most recognized journals in sports medicine and sport sciences in a friendly, easy to digest format. Direct links to the original article summarized by the infographic are included. YLM Sport Science serves as a robust library of visually pleasing infographics that summarize sports-related research in a wide array of categories including health, training, nutrition, competition, recovery, and youth. They also advertise a mobile app that delivers five infographics per week, 6 wk before they are published on the web site (25 Euros for a 12-month subscription). The web site and the app are a useful tool for keeping up with current literature and searching topics of interest within sport science. This treasure trove of information may be of particular interest to learners and educators.

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