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Hal Higdon 26.2

Hal Higdon is a contributor to Runner’s World and is one of the founders of the Road Runners Club of America. Many novice runners, in their pursuit to finish various road races, have used his training programs. This Web site has novice, intermediate, and advanced training programs for running races between 5 km and 26.2 miles. The training programs are outlined in an easy-to-read grid accompanied by an explanation of each type of training technique. This is a great resource to become familiar with if you treat runners of any distance.

Cost: Free

Family Practice Notebook Ortho

The Family Practice Notebook is a vast database of medical information geared toward the family medicine practitioner. A user can utilize the search bar or use the “books” tab to browse specific specialties.

Their orthopedics book contains sections on anatomy, examination techniques, and various disorder-specific links. Within each chapter, the information can be quickly referenced in an outline format in the midst of a busy schedule. The Web site also contains information on how to acquire the mobile application, which is just as easy to use. This is an essential reference for any sports medicine practitioner.

Cost: Free


This U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web site is part of a broader campaign called the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. HEADS UP provides information for parents, teachers, coaches, and health care providers about concussions in children and teenagers. It also provides information for the athletes to ensure that they are aware of the risks of concussion, the dangers of sustaining one, and prevention techniques. There are online training modules for each of the mentioned groups, which are free and accessible to the general public. There is also information presented in Spanish. Its intuitive navigation bar makes it an important resource to assist health care professionals in educating parents, children, and schools about concussion.

Cost: Free

National Outdoor Leadership School Wilderness Medicine

The National Outdoor Leadership School is one of the few Web sites that contain online learning material for health care providers on wilderness medicine. This Web site contains case studies on injuries, environmental scenarios, and medical illnesses. For each case scenario, you are given a description of the setting, the history of present illness, and physical examination information as you would have it in the wilderness. You are asked to develop an assessment and plan and can test your hypothesis on the next page, with a detailed explanation of how this situation would best be managed in a wilderness situation.

Cost: Free. Classes and certifications are available for a fee.

Emergency Medical Services and Disaster Preparedness

This Web site, part of the American Academy of Emergency Physicians, is geared toward medical providers and disaster preparedness. It contains templates for how hospitals and emergency rooms can prepare for mass casualty events. There are PowerPoint presentations, webinars, and fact sheets that contain information on caring for victims of a bombing and how to respond to active shooter incidents. Information about field triage and treatment for these mass casualty events could be useful for medical directors and medical volunteers for large sporting events, where incidents like these are possible.

Cost: Free. Continuing education and membership are available for a fee.

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