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Dexter, William W. M.D., Editor1; Rothe, Elizabeth M.D., Contributor2

Author Information
Current Sports Medicine Reports: January 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 1 - p 8-9
doi: 10.1249/JSR.0b013e318194f5d5
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eORIF is designed for orthopedic surgeons and contains information on various orthopedic conditions as well as surgical procedures, case examples, physical therapy protocols, outcome measures, links to manufacture technique guides, and links to orthopedic associations. It outlines anatomy via joint or anatomical location. There are links to outside Web sites for images and origin, insertion, action, innervation, and nerve root information for each muscle. There are also cross-sectional anatomical dissection images, with links to Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, Tuft's Medgross, and Anatomy Atlases for further references for anatomy. The site also contains long lists of potential diagnoses arranged by joint. These each contain an ICD-9 code, anatomy, etiology, natural history, clinical evaluation with special tests (and links to description of special tests), diagnostic tests including x-ray views to obtain, classification, treatment, differential diagnosis, complications, follow-up, and review references.

Although the site still states that it is under construction, it is relatively complete, and the pathologies listed on the site have thorough descriptions. The site is an excellent resource for the practicing clinician, and it is a wonderful resource to have on hand to review diagnoses and anatomy.

Cost: Free

ARRS GoldMiner:

The American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) GoldMiner Web site "provides instant access to 198,672 images published in 249 selected peer-reviewed radiology journals." It allows one to search by pathological finding or anatomy. A filter function allows you to select the type of imaging modality, patient age, and sex via a pulldown menu. A list of thumbnail images appears, along with their subsequent case descriptions. The subsequent link to the full-size image also will link the user to a full-test article that the image was pulled from. The home page of GoldMiner contains the week's most viewed images and cases. The modalities used on the Web site include CT scans, MRI, x-ray, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine.

The user also can download Microsoft PowerPoint slides from the site for teaching purposes. A search for supraspinatus ultrasound image pulled up 176 images and cases. In addition, when you click a specific image, you are redirected to the article at the Web site of the journal in which the image was initially published. Most of these journal sites have a link to request permission to reprint.

Cost: Free

Golf Sports Medicine:

The Golf Sports Medicine Organization provides golf sports medicine educational materials for physicians as well as patients. The organization is in the process of developing a journal, and members receive special liaison privileges with USGA, PGA, LPGA, and golf tournament organizers. There is also a Web site with information to help improve members' golf games. There is also a listserv, or bulletin board, for members and support for golf sports medicine research. Discounts on products also are provided to members. There also is a feature called "Find-A-Specialist" for golf sports medicine, but this is still under construction.

Although parts of the Web site are not yet completed, this Web site acts primarily as a tool for individuals interested in joining the Golf Sports Medicine Organization. This organization is open to medical professionals, golfers, and the general public. There is a phone number to contact the organization on the Web site, as well as an option to submit a question or comment via email. This Web site is a good resource for those interested in networking with others in the field of golf sports medicine.

Cost of membership: $55 annually

The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports:

This is an advisory committee of 20 volunteer citizens who advise the president about physical activity, sports, and fitness. It partners with both public and private sectors to promote health, activity, and fitness for all Americans. The President's Challenge Program is designed to help people of all ages and abilities become more physically active. There is a personal activity log to help keep track of one's progress, and there are group programs, as well. Medals are awarded to individuals who achieve certain benchmarks for their activity level. This is an excellent program to help motivate school-aged children to become more active. A BMI calculator also is accessible on the Web site, as well as publications for the general public, resources (both national and state), and news pertaining to new programs developed by the counsel and awards given.

This Web site is easy to navigate and provides quick access to the programs that are available to the general public for tracking of one's activity level. The navigation bar on the side panel is simple yet thorough. The Council contact information, both phone and email, are readily available on the site. Overall, this is an excellent Web site to provide to school-aged children as well as gym teachers and school teachers as a motivational resource for physical activity.

Cost: Free

Procedures Consult:

This is a subscription service that is available with a 30-d free trial. Procedures Consult provides various tutorials on multiple procedures. The Web site includes procedures for "orthopedics, emergency medicine, anesthesia, and internal medicine." The site provides access to video of procedures being performed, animation, and full text descriptions. There are test questions on every procedure, quick bullets, and full text for each procedure, highlighted clinical pearls, patient safety information, and illustrations of anatomy and each procedure step. The videos on the site include narration.

The available procedures of interest to the sports medicine physician include arthrocenteses, various nerve blocks, wound care, various splints, compartment syndrome evaluation, dislocation reductions of hip/shoulder, laceration repair, and multiple orthopedic procedures under general anesthesia in the operating room.

This Web site, available with a 30-d free trial and also available for institutions with a pilot program, is a powerful tool for review of procedures. One disadvantage of the free trial is that only one specialty and those particular procedures are able to be selected (i.e., orthopedics OR emergency medicine). It is otherwise a complete and easy-to-use Web site. The Web site is owned by Elsevier, and the design is similar to MD Consult. It is well worth signing up to explore what this Web site has to offer, and institutions may find it to be beneficial to subscribe as well.

Cost: Free 30-d trial; individual subscription cost is still pending as the program is still under pilot status

The Brace Shop:

"The Brace Shop, Inc. is one of the fastest growing brace companies in the USA. We provide one of the largest selections of extremity braces, therapy products, and accessories on the internet. The Brace Shop represents some of the most recognized manufacturers in the world of orthopedic braces and supports. No one can beat our prices, our service, and our selection." The Brace Shop not only provides a vast number of braces that are on the market, but they also provide therapy products such as TENS units, ultrasound machines, and muscle stimulators. They also offer a wide variety of pediatric braces, walkers, crutches, and other assist devices. The range of braces they sell is wide, and the Web site offers a one-stop shop for non-custom bracing. You can shop not only by area of the body to be braced, but also by specific product, by sport, and by condition. These features make navigating and finding the proper product quite easy. There often is more than one specific brace for each condition, which allows the consumer to make a choice based on cost.

This is a useful Web site for any sports medicine physician in need of ordering specialty bracing that may not be readily available on hand in one's office. The site is easy to navigate, and it is also an merchant. The customer service is stated to be excellent. This is a good resource for commercial bracing needs.

Cost: Free

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