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Common Injuries and Medical Problems in Singles Figure Skaters

Porter, Emily B. MD

doi: 10.1249/JSR.0b013e3182a4b94e
Sport-Specific Illness and Injury: Section Articles

Figure skating continues to increase in popularity as both a recreational and competitive sport. Skaters continue to “push the envelope” in perfecting more technically difficult skills. With their strenuous training programs, skaters are at risk from chronic overuse injuries, which tend to plague singles skaters more often than acute injuries. The majority of injuries occur in the lower extremities or low back. Figure skaters also are at risk for particular medical problems, such as exercise-induced bronchospasm and disordered eating. Sports Medicine physicians are sure to encounter figure skaters and their “Sports-specific problems” in their practice and should be knowledgeable about the common maladies that can plague figure skaters. This article reviews the most common injuries and medical problems in singles figure skaters.

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