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Field Hockey Injuries

Murtaugh, Karen

doi: 10.1249/JSR.0b013e3181b7f1f4
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Field hockey is a popular sport that is played throughout the world. Most of the literature on the sport has focused on describing injury patterns. This research reveals that most injuries are minor and that the most common injury is an ankle sprain. Studies also suggest that men have a higher rate of injury and that they experience severe injuries more often than women. These severe injuries include trauma to the head, face, and upper limb and usually are the result of contact with the stick or ball. Consequently, many authors suggest that all players wear face and hand protection. Current International Field Hockey Federation rules recommend minimal protective equipment (e.g., mouthguard, shin, and ankle guards), and surveys indicate that many players do not wear mouthguards regularly. Looking into the future, research should focus on developing and evaluating effective strategies for injury prevention.

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