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Dental Injuries in Sports

Ranalli, Dennis N. DDS, MDS

Current Sports Medicine Reports: February 2005 - Volume 4 - Issue 1 - p 12–17
doi: 10.1097/01.CSMR.0000306065.36896.11

The expanding arena of sports and vigorous recreational activities is associated with an increased risk for sports-related injuries, including trauma to the teeth. Because dental professionals may not be present on site, in the best interest of athletes, it is suggested that sports medicine professionals who are present be provided with current evaluative, emergent, and referral protocols for proper management of sports-related dental injuries to address the immediate needs of the athlete and to enhance the long-term prognosis of the traumatized tooth. This article provides information related to some of the more common dental injuries encountered in sports, including crown fractures, root fractures, and traumatic tooth displacements. Use of properly fitted, custom-fabricated athletic mouth guards for the prevention of dental injuries is recommended strongly, as is the inclusion of a dentist on the sports medicine team roster.

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