August 2014 - Volume 89 - Issue 8 : Academic Medicine

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August 2014 - Volume 89 - Supplement 8
pp: S1-S116


Mullan, Fitzhugh; Omaswa, Francis; Frehywot, Seble

Academic Medicine. 89(8):S3-S4, August 2014.

The Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI): Innovations in Nursing and Midwifery Education

Middleton, Lyn; Howard, Andrea A.; Dohrn, Jennifer; More

Academic Medicine. 89(8):S24-S28, August 2014.

Expanding Clinical Medical Training Opportunities at the University of Nairobi: Adapting a Regional Medical Education Model From the WWAMI Program at the University of Washington

Child, Mara J.; Kiarie, James N.; Allen, Suzanne M.; More

Academic Medicine. 89(8):S35-S39, August 2014.

Community-Based Education Programs in Africa: Faculty Experience Within the Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Network

Mariam, Damen Haile; Sagay, Atiene Solomon; Arubaku, Wilfred; More

Academic Medicine. 89(8):S50-S54, August 2014.

Modernizing and Transforming Medical Education at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College

Lisasi, Esther; Kulanga, Ahaz; Muiruri, Charles; More

Academic Medicine. 89(8):S60-S64, August 2014.

Innovative Strategies for Transforming Internal Medicine Residency Training in Resource-Limited Settings: The Mozambique Experience

Mocumbi, Ana Olga; Carrilho, Carla; Aronoff-Spencer, Eliah; More

Academic Medicine. 89(8):S78-S82, August 2014.

Enhancement of Health Research Capacity in Nigeria Through North–South and In-Country Partnerships

Olaleye, David O.; Odaibo, Georgina N.; Carney, Paula; More

Academic Medicine. 89(8):S93-S97, August 2014.

Strengthening Faculty Recruitment for Health Professions Training in Basic Sciences in Zambia

Simuyemba, Moses; Talib, Zohray; Michelo, Charles; More

Academic Medicine. 89(8):S98-S101, August 2014.

A Systems Approach to Implementation of eLearning in Medical Education: Five MEPI Schools’ Journeys

Vovides, Yianna; Chale, Selamawit Bedada; Gadhula, Rumbidzayi; More

Academic Medicine. 89(8):S102-S106, August 2014.