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October 2010 - Volume 85 - Supplement, RIME: Proceedings of the Forty-Ninth Annual Conference November 7–November 10, 2010 10
pp: Si-Sii,Siii-Siii,Siv-Siv,S1-S115

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The Reliability and Acceptability of the Multiple Mini-Interview as a Selection Instrument for Postgraduate Admissions

Dore, Kelly L.; Kreuger, Sharyn; Ladhani, Moyez; More

Academic Medicine. 85(10):S60-S63, October 2010.

A New Professionalism? Surgical Residents, Duty Hours Restrictions, and Shift Transitions

Coverdill, James E.; Carbonell, Alfredo M.; Fryer, Jonathan; More

Academic Medicine. 85(10):S72-S75, October 2010.

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