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Reconfiguring a One-Way Street: A Position Paper on Why and How to Improve Equity in Global Physician Training

Hudspeth, James C.; Rabin, Tracy L.; Dreifuss, Bradley A.; More

Academic Medicine. 94(4):482-489, April 2019.

Assessing Competence in Communication and Interpersonal Skills: The Kalamazoo II Report

Duffy, F Daniel; Gordon, Geoffrey H.; Whelan, Gerald; More

Academic Medicine. 79(6):495-507, June 2004.

Educating for Indigenous Health Equity: An International Consensus Statement

Jones, Rhys; Crowshoe, Lynden; Reid, Papaarangi; More

Academic Medicine. 94(4):512-519, April 2019.

The Flipped Classroom: A Course Redesign to Foster Learning and Engagement in a Health Professions School

McLaughlin, Jacqueline E.; Roth, Mary T.; Glatt, Dylan M.; More

Academic Medicine. 89(2):236-243, February 2014.

Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in Medical Education: Perspectives Gained by a 14-school Study

Nora, Lois Margaret; McLaughlin, Margaret A.; Fosson, Sue E.; More

Academic Medicine. 77(12 Part 1):1226-1234, December 2002.