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It Is Time for Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment in Academic Medicine

Bates, Carol K.; Jagsi, Reshma; Gordon, Lynn K.; More

Academic Medicine. 93(2):163-165, February 2018.

What Aspects of Letters of Recommendation Predict Performance in Medical School? Findings From One Institution

DeZee, Kent J.; Magee, Charles D.; Rickards, Gretchen; More

Academic Medicine. 89(10):1408-1415, October 2014.

Gamification in Action: Theoretical and Practical Considerations for Medical Educators

Rutledge, Chrystal; Walsh, Catharine M.; Swinger, Nathan; More

Academic Medicine. ., Post Acceptance: February 20, 2018

Resources Used to Teach the Physical Exam to Preclerkship Medical Students: Results of a National Survey

Uchida, Toshiko; Achike, Francis I.; Blood, Angela D.; More

Academic Medicine. ., Post Acceptance: November 07, 2017

Advancing Competency-Based Medical Education: A Charter for Clinician–Educators

Carraccio, Carol; Englander, Robert; Van Melle, Elaine; More

Academic Medicine. 91(5):645-649, May 2016.

Trends in P Value, Confidence Interval, and Power Analysis Reporting in Health Professions Education Research Reports: A Systematic Appraisal

Abbott, Eduardo F.; Serrano, Valentina P.; Rethlefsen, Melissa L.; More

Academic Medicine. 93(2):314-323, February 2018.

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The R2C2 Model in Residency Education: How Does It Foster Coaching and Promote Feedback Use?

Sargeant, Joan; Lockyer, Jocelyn M.; Mann, Karen; More

Academic Medicine. ., Post Acceptance: January 16, 2018

Barriers to Career Flexibility in Academic Medicine: A Qualitative Analysis of Reasons for the Underutilization of Family-Friendly Policies, and Implications for Institutional...

Shauman, Kimberlee; Howell, Lydia P.; Paterniti, Debora A.; More

Academic Medicine. 93(2):246-255, February 2018.

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