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COVID-19 and Medical Education

  • Creator:   Journal Staff
  • Updated:   5/5/2022
  • Contains:  198 items
This collection features articles and thought pieces on the novel coronavirus, its impact on medical education, and medical education’s response to it.

The Virtual CTSA Visiting Scholar Program to Support Early-Stage Clinical and Translational Researchers: Implementation and Outcomes

Bredella, Miriam A.; Rubio, Doris M.; Attia, Jacqueline; More

Academic Medicine. : March 08, 2022

Crossing the Virtual Chasm: Practical Considerations for Rethinking Curriculum, Competency, and Culture in the Virtual Care Era

Bolster, Marcy B.; Chandra, Shruti; Demaerschalk, Bart M.; More

Academic Medicine. : March 08, 2022

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pediatric Graduate Medical Education: Lessons Learned and Pathways Forward

Blankenburg, Rebecca; Gonzalez del Rey, Javier; Aylor, Megan; More

Academic Medicine. 97(3S):S35-S39, March 2022.

Psychological Consequences Among Residents and Fellows During the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York City: Implications for Targeted Interventions

Kaplan, Carly A.; Chan, Chi C.; Feingold, Jordyn H.; More

Academic Medicine. 96(12):1722-1731, December 2021.

Virtual Team Rounding: A Cross-Specialty Inpatient Care Staffing Program to Manage COVID-19 Surges

Becker, Nora V.; Bakshi, Salina; Martin, Kate L.; More

Academic Medicine. 96(12):1717-1721, December 2021.

Lessons From Learners: Adapting Medical Student Education During and Post COVID-19

Castro, Maria R.H.; Calthorpe, Lucia M.; Fogh, Shannon E.; More

Academic Medicine. 96(12):1671-1679, December 2021.

The Clarion Call of the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Medical Education Can Mitigate Racial and Ethnic Disparities

Prince, Andrew D.P.; Green, Alexander R.; Brown, David J.; More

Academic Medicine. 96(11):1518-1523, November 2021.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Clinical Learning Environment: Addressing Identified Gaps and Seizing Opportunities

Triemstra, Justin D.; Haas, Mary R.C.; Bhavsar-Burke, Indira; More

Academic Medicine. 96(9):1276-1281, September 2021.